Coroner Biography

Switzerland’s premier death metal band Coroner was founded in 1985 by the pseudonymous Ron Royle (vocals), Tommy T. Baron (guitar) and Marquis Marky (drums). They were signed by Noise Records the following year after recording a demo entitled Death Cult, which featured guest vocals by Thomas Gabriel Warrior, leader of cult avant garde thrash band Celtic Frost. Coroner maintained a close relationship with their countrymen - and now labelmates - over the ensuing years, even roady-ing for them on Celtic Frost’s 1986 US tour. Although Coroner had a less experimental approach to thrash metal than Celtic Frost, a number of intricate and unusual guitar motifs were discernible in their caustic, rapid-fire approach. Of their several albums, No More Colours was perhaps the most effective distillation of their anguished, stop-start rhythms and Royle’s pained singing. However, Coroner were increasingly sidelined by younger death metal bands after this point. The release of the Best Of compilation (featuring remixes, instrumentals and four new tracks) was considered by many to be their swan-song, but they remained active, although lacking the exposure they had once enjoyed.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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