Buckner & Garcia Biography

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, this pop duo first worked as producers and writers of music for television programmes. They achieved one minor chart single (‘Merry Christmas In The NFL’) under the name Willis ‘The Guard’ and Vigorish. Keyboard player/vocalist Jerry Buckner and vocalist Gary Garcia wrote and recorded the Top 10 hit ‘Pac-Man Fever’ in 1981 to cash in on the popularity of the video game Pac-Man. Using the occasion to inject synthesizer sounds resembling those heard in the game, the record caught on, especially with young buyers. Originally, it was issued on the independent BGO Records. Columbia Records oversaw distribution and took the single to number 9 in early 1982. Although Buckner and Garcia attempted to follow up their hit with other novelty records, ‘Pac-Man Fever’ remained their only hit. They have since become involved with writing and producing.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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Pac-Man Fever
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