IMDb 6.1/10

 (772 Ratings)
Network: History
Actors: Brad Meltzer,
Scott Rolle,
Christine McKinley,
Buddy Levy,
Genres: Documentary,
First Aired: December 2, 2010
Runtime: 45 minutes

TV Shows Brad Meltzer's Decoded

Brad Meltzer's Decoded

What if the history you knew was only half the story? Brad Meltzer's Decoded investigates the other half: the secret history of the symbols and codes that surround us everyday. Best-selling author Brad Meltzer has been writing novels for more than a decade. He has studied and written about some of the most revered institutions and documents in human history, including the U.S. Supreme Court, the Presidency, the Secret Service, Wall Street and the Bible. Brad has assembled a team to investigate the countless clues and theories uncovered through his years of research, but unexplored until now. From the dollar bill to the first Presidential Codes, the hidden messages of the Statue of Liberty and the ciphers protecting the location of lost Confederate gold, the team uncovers the truth behind history's most provocative secrets.

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Brad Meltzer's Decoded - Season 1 (3-DVD)