Lanny Morgan Quartet

Genres: Jazz
Decades: 2000s
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Harold Lansford Morgan, 30 March 1934, Des Moines, Iowa, USA. As a child he played violin before taking up the alto saxophone. When he was 10 his family moved to Los Angeles and he continued his studies. As a young man he played in big bands including those led by Charlie Barnet, Terry Gibbs and Bob Florence, then settled for a while in New York where he worked with Maynard Ferguson. Back on the west coast he played and recorded with several bands including Supersax and that led by Bill Berry. In addition to performing, Morgan also developed a reputation as a teacher. Since the mid-80s he had played mostly in small groups and has toured Europe and the UK as a single. A hard-blowing saxophonist, with a crisply incisive tone, Morgan is a commanding musician and is much respected by his peers. Few people expect to master Charlie Parker in delivery, Morgan is quite a few steps up the ladder.

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