Cerys Matthews

Genres: Holiday & Seasonal
Decades: 2000s


11 April 1969, Cardiff, Wales. The former lead vocalist of Welsh indie pop outfit Catatonia, Matthews re-emerged from the emotional upheaval of that band’s break-up with a debut album that effectively turned her music career on its head. Despite enjoying a series of memorable UK hit singles in the late 90s, by the start of the new millennium Catatonia were on their last legs, a situation that had befallen many of the bands to emerge at the height of Britpop. Rumours surrounding Matthews’ health were also circulating around the country’s music press (she had never bothered to hide her love of partying). Tiring of the pressure, Matthews took off for Nashville, Tennessee, arriving in America with no change of clothes and a solitary recommendation to contact the studio of Bob Dylan associate Bucky Baxter. As it turned out, Baxter was still building his backwoods studio and Matthews was required to hole up in a log cabin where she began writing new...

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