The Lover Speaks Biography

This UK acoustic duo featuring David Freeman (25 September 1957, London, England; vocals/lyrics) and Joseph Hughes (various instruments) rose to prominence by supporting the Eurythmics in 1986 at a series of large arenas after they had been ‘discovered’ by Dave Stewart on an early demo tape.

Freeman and Hughes had first played together during the late 70s in punk band the Flys, but changed direction for the creation of the Lover Speaks (the name was taken from Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse). Stewart played the duo’s demo tape to producer Jimmy Iovine, who was in London recording material with the Pretenders. The result was a debut album and the Top 60 single ‘No More I Love You’s’, although other singles ‘Every Lover’s Sign’, ‘Tremble Dancing’, and ‘I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten’ failed to match that song’s impact.

The future for the band seemed bright with dates lined up to work with Alison Moyet on album tracks and production work with Maria Vidal and others. However, the partnership dissolved in 1988 and their second album was never released. While Hughes put his involvement in the music business on hold in favour of carpentry, Freeman continued to write songs at Dave Stewart’s studio, recording some ten album’s worth of material. However, with one or two exceptions these compositions remained unreleased. In 1991 he did release Balance, a 1, 000-copy pressing credited to Freeman/Creese. A cassette credited to The Lover Speaks, but actually solely the work of Freeman, titled Under A Tall Tree, was also given a limited (500 copy) release. However, with Annie Lennox reaching number 2 in 1995 with a cover version of ‘No More I Love You’s’, the Lover Speaks was once again the subject of some interest. Freeman used the resultant publicity to search for a major recording contract and pieced together a ‘greatest hits’ selection from his unissued archive recordings. A handful of his solo recordings were released the following year on the Discrete label. Hughes now records with American singer-songwriter Kris Wilkinson as Cicero Buck.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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