Redbone Biography

A North American Indian band formed in 1968, Redbone included brothers Pat and Lolly Vegas (both Fresno, California, USA), who had already pursued minor performing careers. Lolly had recorded as early as 1961, while together the brothers completed At The Haunted House, as well as several singles. The duo were also successful songwriters, and a compulsive dance-based composition, ‘Niki Hoeky’, was interpreted by such diverse acts as P.J. Proby and Bobbie Gentry. Redbone, an Anglicized Cajun epithet for mixed-breed, was completed by Tony Bellamy (b. Los Angeles, California, USA; rhythm guitar/vocals) and Peter DePoe (b. Neah Bay Reservation, Washington, USA; drums). DePoe, whose native name was ‘Last Walking Bear’, had been for some time a ceremonial drummer on his reservation. With Pat on bass and Lolly on guitar and vocals, the group initially backed several different artists, including Odetta and John Lee Hooker, before embarking on an independent direction. The quartet scored an international hit with ‘Witch Queen Of New Orleans’, which owed much to the then-popular southern, or Cajun ‘swamp-rock’ style. In 1974 they enjoyed their sole million-seller, ‘Come And Get Your Love’, but the group was unable to transform their taut, but rhythmic, style into a consistent success.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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