Miranda Sex Garden Biography

Widely tagged with the terms ‘classical’ and ‘pretentious’ by UK critics, Miranda Sex Garden faced sterner tests than that, including facing 20, 000 unimpressed Depeche Mode fans on tour. They comprised singer-songwriter Katharine Blake, Ben Golomstock (keyboards), Donna McKevitt (violin) and Trevor Sharpe (percussion), having dropped original member Kelly McClusker, who formed the band with Blake after graduating from music college (Purcell School Of Music). They spent their early days busking sixteenth century madrigals on London’s Underground, with an impressed Barry Adamson catching one performance on Portobello Road. Later they would contribute to his Delusion soundtrack. Their debut release comprised two versions of the madrigal ‘Gush Forth My Tears’, an a cappella treatment on one side, and a dance version on the other. Their talents won them a reception that was roughly equal in incredulity and wonder, and their voices soon appeared on Derek Jarman’s soundtrack to Blue (on an unlikely song entitled ‘Muff Diving Size Queen’). Fairytales Of Slavery, meanwhile, concerned sado-masochism, and they actually played gigs under the title of Waltzing Maggots at fetish clubs, which included Blake performing half naked in Nazi regalia (finally destroying utterly their early press reputation for Victorian-esque primness).

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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