Main Source Biography

There has been much swapping and shifting in the constantly evolving line-ups of the rap band Main Source, formed in Toronto, Canada, but based in New York. The original MCs were K-Cut and Sir Scratch, though Large Professor (Paul Mitchell) excused himself after their first album, which included choice cuts like ‘Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball’. Professor would go on to work with A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, who had first arrived on the debut album’s ‘Live At The BBQ’ cut, and others. He was replaced by Mikey D, who was chief rapper on their second set, the invitingly titled Fuck What You Think, on which they were also joined by Shaheem, a female MC straight from high school (on the title-track and ‘Set It Off’). Their fresh, jazzy platform was well served by the indignant, often complex lyrical matter they pursued. In the light of delays over the release of their Fuck What You Think set they parted company with label Wild Pitch, and Mikey D also broke ranks - claiming he did not get along with K-Cut and Scratch, looking for a solo recording contract instead.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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