James Intveld Biography

Compton, California, USA. John Intveld and his brother Ricky grew up watching their father play with a local band. He was given a guitar when he was eight and he sang in the church choir. In 1981, after playing with various bands, he and Ricky on drums formed the Rockin’ Shadows with Pat Woodward (double bass). In 1983 they opened for Rick Nelson who was so impressed that he invited both Rick and Pat Woodward to join his Stone Canyon Band. Two years later Nelson and his entire band were killed in a aeroplane crash. Intveld worked as a solo artist in Pasadena and enrolled at an acting school. He wrote a US country hit for Rosie Flores, ‘Cryin’ Over You’, and found work as a session player, notably for rockabilly performer Ray Campi. He played with the Blasters, and was also part of an occasional band alongside Harry Dean Stanton and Billy Swan, the Repo Men. Intveld’s music is neo-rockabilly and it is no insult to say that it could have been made at any time since 1960. In a parallel career, he provided Johnny Depp’s singing voice in the movie Cry Baby, and has acted in movies and films for television.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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