Henry Jerome Biography

12 November 1917, New York, USA. Jerome formed his dance band orchestra in 1932 in Norwich, Connecticut, USA. Comprising eight to ten musicians, with vocalists Frank Warren and David Allen, their greatest impact came through frequent radio exposure on the Dinner At The Green Room show on the ABC network. This was broadcast remote from the Green Room of the Hotel Edison in New York City. Songs such as ‘Homing Pigeon’, ‘I Love My Mama’, ‘Nice People’, ‘Night Is Gone’, ‘Until Six’ and ‘Oh, How I Need You, Joe’ soon became staples of east coast airwaves. There were also a series of albums titled Brazen Brass, a title adapted from their popular ‘Theme From Brazen Brass’ number. These songs were released on labels including Roulette, MGM Records, London Records, Coral Records and Decca Records, building a strong reputation for the orchestra’s Hal Kemp derived style. As well as east coast dates the band took engagements at the Chase Hotel in St. Louis, the Claridge and Peabody in Memphis, and the Roosevelt in New Orleans. However, their main income was still derived from the Edison Hotel, where they were booked over several years. In the 50s Jerome left band leading and went on to work as a musical director for Decca before becoming an A&R man for Coral.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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