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One of the more prolific but ultimately least appealing of those west coast US bands playing in the acid rock period, Bloodrock imbued their music with the same lack of imagination that inspired their album titles (the first three of which ran sequentially, Bloodrock I, Bloodrock II and Bloodrock III). Comprising Jim Rutledge (vocals), Lee Pickens (guitar), Nick Taylor (guitar), Steve Hill (keyboards), Eddie Grundy (bass) and Rick Cobb (drums), the group was masterminded by Grand Funk Railroad manager Terry Knight. However, he saw vastly reduced dividends from his labours with Bloodrock, who always seemed a little out of step with their contemporaries. While others were throwing themselves into wanton experimentalism, Bloodrock seemed to gaze eternally at their own navels and produce ponderous whimsy as a result. By the advent of the 1973 album USA, Texan guitarist John Nitzinger had begun to write songs for the group, without ever joining them on a full-time basis. They might well have benefited from his more sustained input, but by the mid-70s even the long-suffering Capitol Records had called time on the band. Ironically, their final album, Whirlwind Tongues, was considered by many to be their finest release. Both Pickens and Rutledge subsequently started solo careers, but these proved just as unsuccessful.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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