(15 Ratings)
Network: NBC
Actors: Pierce Brosnan,
Stephanie Zimbalist,
Doris Roberts,
James Read,
et al.
Genres: Drama
First Aired: September 1, 1982
Runtime: 45 minutes
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TV Shows Remington Steele

Remington Steele

Try this for a deep, dark secret. The great detective Remington Steele? He doesn't exist. I invented him. Follow: I always loved excitement, so I studied and apprenticed, and put my name on an office. But absolutely nobody knocked down my door. A female private investigator seemed so . . . feminine. So I invented a superior. A decidedly masculine superior. Suddenly, there were cases around the block. It was working like a charm. Until the day he walked in, with his blue eyes and mysterious past. And before I knew it, he assumed Remington Steele's identity. Now I do the work and he takes the bows. It's a dangerous way to live, but as long as people buy it, I can get the job done. We never mix business with pleasure. Well, almost never. I don't even know his real name.

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