(27 Ratings)
Network: Syfy
Actors: Jason Hawes,
Grant Wilson,
Steve Gonsalves,
Dave Tango,
et al.
Genres: Horror,
First Aired: October 1, 2004
Runtime: 60 minutes
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TV Shows Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters

Plumbers by day - ghost hunters by night. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson are two plumbers working for Roto-Rooter in New England. They are also the co-founders of TAPS - The Atlantic Paranormal Society - a paranormal research team which investigates hauntings and other strange occurrences. This one-hour weekly show (dubbed a "docu-soap" by the Sci-Fi Channel) follows their investigations from first contact through the gathering of evidence, and to the reveal of that evidence to the client. Every week Jason, Grant, and their team investigate a new case, from poltergeists who throw a child's toys around an attic to a lighthouse whose late keeper still welcomes visitors. This team of moonlighting ghost hunters are our first and last defense against uninvited paranormal visitations.

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