Richard Jobson

Genres: Spoken Word
Decades: 1980s 2000s


6 October 1960, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. Jobson was born the brother of John, a striker for Meadowbank Thistle Football Club, for whom Richard was also on the books. After a four-year tenure with the Skids (1977-81), Jobson moved on to join the Armoury Show, which failed to repeat the success of any of its illustrious personnel’s former bands. With their demise, Jobson toured the UK with Scottish acting company Poines Plough. Turning to poetry, he hit the road once more, falling between two schools in terms of critical reception. On one side, rock critics viewed the move suspiciously, castigating him as pretentious, while the poetry critics reacted with venom to the vulgar intrusion of a rock singer. Placed in its proper context, Jobson was capable of writing good poetry, but was too much at the whim of his own indulgence. The worst example of this was his infamous live rendition of Sylvia Plath’s ‘Daddy’.


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