Piano Magic

Genres: Pop / Rock
Decades: 1990s 2000s


Piano Magic was probably conceived around the time an infant Glen Ashley Johnson (16 October 1967, Pinxton, Derbyshire, England) first tapped out a sober funeral march on his mother’s tiny Casio. Johnson was originally intended to be the Piano Magic’s only constant, with the project having a fluctuating ‘revolving door membership policy’ of collaborators to sustain constant reinvention. By the release of 1999’s Low Birth Weight, however, the melancholic romanticists seemed settled around the core personnel of Johnson, John Cheves and Miguel Marin (b. Spain; drums). The Piano Magic sound, however, remains in a perpetual state of flux and further acquaintances, including members of the Bitter Springs, Wisdom Of Harry and Baby Birkin - are drafted in as appropriate. Piano Magic’s oddly evocative debut Popular Mechanics was inspired by the imagined future of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. With the whir of keyboards, small beats and the...

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