Ojos De Brujo

Genres: World
Decades: 2000s


Formed in the late 90s in Barcelona, Spain, this group of young musicians took traditional flamenco music and redefined it for the modern age. The prime mover in this revolutionary approach to the hallowed tradition was flamenco guitarist Ramón Giménez and he developed his ideas during informal gatherings in the city where like-minded musicians experimented with concepts and styles. Evolving eventually into an eight-piece group, they began attracting a local audience throughout Catalonia and by the end of the decade were being heard in other parts of Spain. Their debut album sold well and prompted them to form their own record company, La Fábrica De Colores, thus freeing themselves from any external influences.

Targeting the younger Spanish audience, Ojos De Brujo included in their playing elements of contemporary pop, including hip-hop and scratching. As their following spread through Spain, they consolidated their ideas...

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