Matthew Dear

Genres: Dance
Decades: 2000s


Texas, USA. Inspired by pioneers such as Wolfgang Voigt, Thomas Brinkmann and Ricardo Villalobos, Matthew Dear creates minimal but funky tracks. Having made his name as a DJ, the Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA-based DJ/producer has recorded as Jabberjaw (for the Berlin-based Perlon), Audion (for Spectral Sound), and False (for Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 roster). ‘All of our actions and thoughts are mere reactions of the molecular world’, Dear has explained of this False moniker, ‘therefore, our emotions could only be chemical reactions to the physical universe and are not ours at all but only a piece of the larger scheme. They are false, we are false.’

Occupying the intriguing ground between abstract/avant garde techno and straight-up four to the floor house, Dear/False recorded a trilogy of singles for Plus 8 including the notable 12-inch ‘Beginner’s Luck’. By coincidence or otherwise, the title of Dear’s...

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