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The line-up of this long serving UK band has included Alice Nutter, Boff Whalley, Mavis Dillon, Louise Mary Watts, Danbert Nobacon (Nigel Hunter, England), Harry Hamer, Neil Ferguson, Jude Abbot and Dunstan Bruce. Chumbawamba was originally an anarchist outfit formed in Leeds, England, out of a household situated in the shadow of Armley jail. In a similar manner to Crass, who were an obvious early influence, the band dynamic was powered by their communal life. First playing live in 1983, the band, whose regional origins are in Burnley and Bradford, alternated between instruments and theatricals on stage and record. Their first single, ‘Revolution’, was startling, opening with the sound of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, before having it removed from the stereo and smashed. It was just as precise lyrically: ‘The history books from every age, Have the same words written on every page, Always starting with revolution, Always ending with...

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