Genres: Pop / Rock
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Decades: 1990s 2000s
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The involvement of Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard in this project inevitably and unfairly saw Brad tagged as Gossard’s solo outing, when in reality, it was a collaboration with two old friends, Pigeonhed /Satchel vocalist and keyboard player Shawn Smith and Satchel drummer Regan Hagar, plus bass player Jeremy Toback. The band was originally called Shame, but Los Angeles musician Brad Wilson held a copyright on the name and was not prepared to give it up - hence, the band cheekily named themselves Brad. They entered the studio with only the album opener, ‘Buttercup’, written, and wrote, recorded and mixed Shame in just 17 days. The result was an enthralling and atmospheric work, blending funk, rock, jazz and soul with a melancholy lyrical air, and the fact that much of the material stemmed from studio jams gave the album a loose, laid-back feel. Gossard produced a largely understated performance that complemented Smith’s piano and organ lines,...

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