Darrell Banks Songs List

The Complete Stax / Volt Singles, Volume 2
Released in 1993
List Price: $109.98

Darrell Banks also appears in this compilation

Q: 4 Stars - Excellent - "...Don't drop it on your foot....here's another 9-CD soul history whopper....the torrent of fine music that [Stax] produced is all here..."

  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 1.I Was Born To Love You
  • 2.Precious, Precious
  • 3.Send Peace And Harmony Home
  • 4.Soul Limbo
  • 5.I've Never Found A Girl (To Love Me Like You Do)
  • 6.It's Been A Long Time Coming
  • 7.What A Man
  • 8.I Like Everything About You
  • 9.Stay Baby Stay
  • 10.Private Number
  • 11.So Nice
  • 12.Long Walk To D.C.
  • 13.Give 'Em Love
  • 14.Funky Mississippi
  • 15.Lovin' Feeling
  • 16.Where Do I Go
  • 17.Bed Of Roses
  • 18.Bring It On Home To Me
  • 19.It's Unbelievable (How You Control My Soul)
  • 20.Who's Making Love
  • 21.Mighty Cold Winter
  • 22.Hang 'Em High
  • 23.You're Leaving Me
  • 24.Copy Kat
  • 25.I Forgot To Be Your Lover
  • 26.Running Out
  • 27.My Baby Specializes
  • 28.I'll Understand
  • Tracks of Disc 2
  • 1.The Ghetto
  • 2.Blues Power
  • 3.The Echo
  • 4.Funky Way
  • 5.Take Care Of Your Homework
  • 6.I Like What You're Doing (To Me)-Carla Thomas
  • 7.I've Got To Have Your Love
  • 8.Let 'Em Down Baby
  • 9.Love Is Here Today And Gone Tomorrow
  • 10.It Ain't Long Enough
  • 11.Mellow Way You Treat Your Man
  • 12.Private Number
  • 13.Time Is Tight
  • 14.Double Or Nothing
  • 15.Dock Of The Bay, (Sittin' On The)
  • 16.So I Can Love You
  • 17.Don't Stop Dancing (To The Music) (Part I)
  • 18.One More Chance
  • 19.I Wanna Be Good (To You)
  • 20.Finger Lickin' Good
  • 21.Tighten Up My Thang
  • 22.My Whole World Is Falling Down
  • 23.Testify (I Wonna)
  • 24.Drowning On Dry Land
  • 25.Do The Cissy
  • 26.Don't Tell Your Mama (Where You've Been)
  • Tracks of Disc 3
  • 1.Mrs. Robinson
  • 2.Love's Sweet Sensation
  • 3.Just Because Your Love Is Gone
  • 4.Chains Of Love
  • 5.Happy
  • 6.The Challenge
  • 7.Soul-a-lujah
  • 8.Never, Never Let You Go
  • 9.Just Keep On Loving Me
  • 10.I Need You Woman
  • 11.I've Got A Feeling
  • 12.It's Time To Pay For The Fun (We've Had)
  • 13.I Could Never Be President
  • 14.By The Time I Get To Phoenix
  • 15.Long And Lonely World
  • 16.Midnight Cowboy
  • 17.I've Fallen In Love (With You)
  • 18.Slum Baby
  • 19.The Best Part Of A Love Affair
  • 20.By The Time I Get To Phoenix
  • 21.Walk On By
  • 22.Tupelo (Part I)
  • 23.Water
  • 24.Sweeter He Is, The (Part I)
  • 25.You're Driving Me (To The Arms Of A Stranger)
  • Tracks of Disc 4
  • 1.Open Up Your Heart (Let Me In)
  • 2.Why Is The Wine Sweeter (On The Other Side)
  • 3.When Will We Be Paid
  • 4.Grinder Man
  • 5.Born Under A Bad Sign
  • 6.What You Gonna Do
  • 7.I'm So Glad
  • 8.Beautiful Feelings
  • 9.Your Love Was Strange
  • 10.Love Bones
  • 11.Hard To Say Goodbye
  • 12.Got To Get Rid Of You
  • 13.Habit Forming Love
  • 14.My Thing Is A Moving Thing
  • 15.Stealing Love
  • 16.When Tomorrow Comes
  • 17.Wrapped Up In Love Again
  • 18.Do The Funky Chicken
  • 19.California Girl
  • 20.Tribute To A Black Woman (Part I)
  • 21.Sang And Dance
  • 22.Hold On, I'm Comin'
  • 23.Love's Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (Part I)
  • 24.Help Me Put Out The Flame (In My Heart)
  • 25.Black Boy
  • Tracks of Disc 5
  • 1.Bracing Myself For The Fall
  • 2.All I Have To Do Is Dream
  • 3.Singing About Love
  • 4.Goodies
  • 5.Just The Way You Are Today
  • 6.The Creeper Returns
  • 7.Guide Me Well
  • 8.Give A Damn
  • 9.Steal Away
  • 10.Your Sweet Lovin'
  • 11.I Forgot To Remember
  • 12.Can't See You When I Want To
  • 13.Never Be True
  • 14.Can't You See What You're Doing To Me
  • 15.Sixty Minute Man (Part 2)
  • 16.The Preacher And The Bear
  • 17.Something
  • 18.Seeing Is Believin'
  • 19.You're My Only Temptation
  • 20.What I Don't Know Won't Hurt Me
  • 21.Right, Tight And Out Of Sight
  • 22.Natural Do, (What's Under) The
  • Tracks of Disc 6
  • 1.My Girl
  • 2.I Have Learned To Do Without You
  • 3.Play The Music Toronadoes
  • 4.Lonely Soldier
  • 5.Heart Association
  • 6.I Stand Accused
  • 7.Brand New Day
  • 8.Sweeter Tomorrow
  • 9.Cool Strut
  • 10.You Put The Sunshine Back In My World
  • 11.Montego Bay
  • 12.Got It Together (Parts 1 & 2)
  • 13.Wade In The Water
  • 14.You're Movin' Much Too Fast
  • 15.The Best Years Of My Life
  • 16.I Am Somebody (Part 2)
  • 17.I Loved You Like I Love My Very Life
  • 18.Soul Machine
  • 19.Rules And Regulations, (Follow Her)
  • 20.Push And Pull (Part I), (Do The)
  • 21.Love Changes
  • 22.Put Your World In My World (Best Of Two Worlds)
  • 23.Love Is Plentiful
  • Tracks of Disc 7
  • 1.Heavy Makes You Happy (Sha-Na-Boom Boom)
  • 2.Who Took The Merry Out Of Christmas
  • 3.Too Many Lovers
  • 4.Black Christmas
  • 5.The Mistletoe And Me
  • 6.Ask The Lonely
  • 7.Jody's Got Your Girl And Gone
  • 8.Finish Me Off
  • 9.Oh, How It Rained
  • 10.The Look Of Love
  • 11.Electrified Love
  • 12.Melting Pot
  • 13.That's The Way I Like It (I Like It That Way)
  • 14.Mr. Big Stuff
  • 15.You Make Me Want To Love You
  • 16.Stop! In The Name Of Love
  • 17.I Don't Wanna Lose You
  • 18.I Love You, (Girl)
  • 19.The World Is Round
  • 20.A Penny For Your Thoughts
  • 21.Never Can Say Goodbye
  • 22.I Don't Want To Be Like My Daddy
  • Tracks of Disc 8
  • 1.You've Got To Earn It
  • 2.Hold On To It
  • 3.Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
  • 4.Born Too Late
  • 5.Just Ain't Strong As I Used To Be (You Done Fed Me Sumpin')
  • 6.That Other Woman Got My Man And Gone
  • 7.If You Think It (You May As Well Do It)
  • 8.Shame On The Family Name
  • 9.Blood Is Thicker Than Water
  • 10.Hijackin' Love
  • 11.Sweetback's Theme
  • 12.Breakdown, The (Part I)
  • 13.Pin The Tail On The Donkey
  • 14.Them Hot Pants
  • 15.If That Ain't A Reason (For Your Woman To Leave You)
  • 16.It's Good To Be Careful (But It's Better To Be Loved)
  • 17.Where Would You Be Today
  • 18.Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
  • 19.Got To Get Away From It All
  • 20.Love's Creeping Up On Me
  • 21.Show Me How
  • 22.If I Give It Up, I Want It Back
  • 23.A Woman Named Trouble
  • Tracks of Disc 9
  • 1.Losing Boy
  • 2.Respect Yourself
  • 3.I'll Kill A Brick (About My Man)
  • 4.You Think You're Hot Stuff
  • 5.All For The Love Of A Woman
  • 6.Shaft, (Theme From)
  • 7.Jamaica, This Morning
  • 8.Gone! The Promises Of Yesterday
  • 9.Girl, Come On Home
  • 10.Loser's Seat, (Let Hurt Put You In)
  • 11.My Baby Love
  • 12.How Do You Move A Mountain
  • 13.Black Nasty Boogie (Part 6)
  • 14.Do The Funky Penguin (Part I)
  • 15.You've Got A Cushion To Fall On
  • 16.Get Up And Get Down
  • 17.Son Of Shaft
  • 18.Don't Cha Mess With My Money, My Honey, Or My Woman
  • 19.I Can Smell That Funky Music
  • 20.A Sadness For Things
  • 21.That's What Love Will Make You Do
  • 22.Standing In For Jody
I'm the One Who Loves You: The Complete Volt
Released in 2013
$12.35 Winter Sale
List Price: $13.99
  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 1.Just Because Your Love is Gone
  • 2.Forgive Me
  • 3.Only the Strong Survive
  • 4.Don't Know What to Do
  • 5.When a Man Loves a Woman
  • 6.We'll Get Over
  • 7.Beautiful Feeling
  • 8.I Could Never Hate Her
  • 9.Never Alone
  • 10.No One Blinder (Than a Man Who Won't See)
  • 11.My Love is Strictly Reserved for You
  • 12.I'm the One Who Loves You [Mono Mix]
  • 13.Love is Not an Easy Thing [Mono Mix]
  • 14.Mama Give Me Some Water [Mono Mix]
  • 15.Love Why Have You Forsaken Me [Demo]
  • 16.My Life is Incomplete Without You [Demo]
  • 17.Just Because Your Love is Gone [Mono Mix]
  • 18.Beautiful Feeling [Mono Mix]
  • 19.No One Blinder (Than a Man Who Won't See) [Mono Mix]
Groove Me: Soul Sensations
25% OFF
Released in 2006
$5.98 on SALE
List Price: $7.98
Out of Stock
Save for Later

Darrell Banks also appears in this compilation

  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 1.Soul Man
  • 2.Mustang Sally
  • 3.Knock On Wood
  • 4.Respect
  • 5.Satisfaction
  • 6.Snatching It Back
  • 7.Rome (Wasn't Built In A Day)
  • 8.Pouring Water On A Drowning Man
  • 9.The Love Of My Woman
  • 10.Cissy Strut
  • 11.B-A-B-Y
  • 12.Groove Me
  • 13.I Thank You (Bonus Track)
  • 14.Rock Steady (Bonus Track)
  • 15.Hard To Handle (Bonus Track)
  • 16.Slip Away (Bonus Track)
  • 17.Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (Bonus Track)
The Sound of Detroit: Rare Stamps / Here To Stay
47% OFF
Released in 1993
List Price: $14.98
Out of Print
  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 1.Come On Back
  • 2.Chains Of Love
  • 3.Now That I Got You Back
  • 4.Easy Living
  • 5.Sweet Sherry
  • 6.Got To Get Rid Of You
  • 7.Snow Flakes
  • 8.Don't Make Me A Storyteller
  • 9.A Love Like Yours
  • 10.Keep The Faith
  • 11.I Don't Wanna Lose You
  • 12.Hate Yourself In The Morning
  • 13.Just Keep On Loving Me
  • 14.Just Because Your Love Is Gone
  • 15.Forgive Me
  • 16.Only The Strong Survive
  • 17.Don't Know What To Do
  • 18.When A Man Loves A Woman
  • 19.We'll Get Over
  • 20.Beautiful Feeling
  • 21.I Could Never Hate Her
  • 22.Never Alone
  • 23.No One Blinder (Than A Man Who Won't See)
  • 24.My Love Is Reserved
  • 25.I'm The One Who Love You
Atlantic Unearthed: Soul Brothers
Released in 2006
List Price: $9.98
Out of Print

Darrell Banks also appears in this compilation

Uncut: 5 stars out of 5 -- "Arthur Conley's 1967 cover of Sam Cooke's 'Rome' , inexplicably unreleased, is pure gospel-cum-soul archetype."

  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 1.Can't Stop A Man In Love
  • 2.How Does It Feel
  • 3.You Left The Water Running
  • 4.Rome (Wasn't Built In A Day)
  • 5.Book Of Memories
  • 6.That's How It Feels
  • 7.I Love You More Than Words Can Say
  • 8.Baby, Baby, Baby
  • 9.Hold On
  • 10.Pouring Water On A Drowning Man
  • 11.Lovebones
  • 12.The Love Of My Woman
  • 13.Coldest Days Of My Life
  • 14.Whiter Shade Of Pale
  • 15.Change With The Seasons
  • 16.What A Woman Really Means
Darrell Banks Is Here!
Released in 2002
List Price: $13.99
Out of Print
  • Tracks of Disc 1
  • 1.Here Come the Tears
  • 2.I've Got That Feelin'
  • 3.I'm Gonna Hang My Head and Cry
  • 4.Look Into the Eyes of a Fool
  • 5.Someone (Somewhere) Needs You
  • 6.Baby What'cha Got (For Me)
  • 7.You Better Go
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