Znowhite Biography

Standard US power metal team, with the notable exception that it boasted multiracial membership, who came together in late 1982 in Chicago, Illinois, with Ian Tafoya (Greg Fulton; guitar), Sparks Tafoya (drums), Nicky Tafoya (bass), and Nicole Lee (vocals). Originally known as Snowhite, they spent much of the following year gigging in the Bay Area of San Francisco with Metallica, and supported Raven on their US tour. Their first album was released thanks to the help of influential friends Johnny Z and Doc McGhee, whose better-known credits include Anthrax and Mötley Crüe. Nicky Tafoya was then replaced by Amp Dawg. A second collection again followed the power metal mantra, as did a live mini-album recorded with new bass player Scott Schafer. In 1988 Znowhite, with Schafer now on drums and Alex Olvera recruited as the band’s new bass player, adopted a higher profile when they signed to Roadrunner Records and played gigs outside of the San Francisco scene. Musically they became much heavier and eagerly joined the thrash metal bandwagon, though with results that hardly compared to those of their new peer group. Following disappointing sales, Lee elected to leave the band. The remaining members recruited Debbie Gunn (ex-Sentinel Beast) and new drummer John Slattery, but the band sundered just after the close of the decade, with members drifting off into a new conglomeration, Cyclone Temple. Ian Tafoya, now going by his real name of Greg Fulton, and Scott Schafer later formed Rebels Without Applause.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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