The Skyliners Biography

This white vocal doo-wop quintet comprised members drawn from two Pittsburgh, USA-based groups. Jimmy Beaumont (lead vocals), Wally Lester (tenor) and Jackie Taylor (bass) had sung with the Crescents, while Janet Vogel (10 June 1941, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, d. 21 February 1980, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA) and Joe VerScharen (b. 30 August 1940, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, d. 3 November 2007, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; baritone) were formerly of the El Rios. The new act reached number 12 in the US charts in 1959 with the poignant ‘Since I Don’t Have You’ (on Calico Records), a much-covered classic marked by Beaumont’s superb, sweeping delivery. The Skyliners enjoyed two further Top 30 entries with ‘This I Swear’ (1959) and ‘Pennies From Heaven’ (1960), but were quickly overtaken by newer, more contemporary acts. Beaumont branched out as a solo singer in 1961. They did enjoy minor success in 1965 with ‘The Loser’ (on the Jubilee Records label), but the Skyliners became increasingly confined to the nostalgia circuit. Although Vogel retained a professional self-confidence, she was latterly beset by personal problems and committed suicide on 21 February 1980.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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