The Sights Biography

If Flaming Lips vocalist Wayne Coyne could take a time machine back to the late 60s, and front the Who during their early days, the resulting sound would be quite similar to the Detroit, Michigan, USA trio, the Sights. Originally formed during 1998, the band took shape when high school friends Eddie Baranek (vocals/guitar) and Mark Leahey (bass/guitar/vocals) began jamming on garage rock originals. The same year as their formation, the Sights began playing local shows regularly (with various drummers filling in), including opening for established acts such as the Detroit Cobras, the Paybacks, the Dirtbombs, and the Hentchmen. In 1999, they released their debut, Are You Green?, recorded with drummer Eugene Strobe and appearing first via the now defunct Detroit label Spectator, before being reissued on the Los Angeles label, Fall Of Rome, a year later. Keyboard player Nate Cavalieri and permanent drummer Dave Shettler joined the band soon afterwards, appearing on two singles in 2001. The Sights’ follow-up, Got What We Want was released the following year, after which Leahey was replaced by Matt Hatch. Further line-up changes saw founding member Baranek joined by Mike Trombley (drums) and Bobby Emmett (keyboards/bass).

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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