The Ovations Biography

An R&B vocal group from Memphis, Tennessee, USA. The lead singer Louis Williams sounded very much like Sam Cooke, and the group built their career on a merger of the Sam Cooke sound with southern gospel harmonies. Recording for the Goldwax Records label, their first hit in 1965 was ‘It’s Wonderful To Be In Love’ (number 22 R&B, number 61 pop). Although producing a score of southern hits, they had only one other national hit on Goldwax with ‘Me And My Imagination’ (number 40 R&B) in 1967. The original group soon broke up, and Williams formed a new Ovations group with three former members of Ollie And The Nightingales, Rochester Neal, Bill Davis and Quincy Billops Jnr. They reached the charts again with the MGM Records -subsidiary label Sounds Of Memphis. Reverting to the parent label, the group had its biggest hit in 1973 by fully exploiting Williams’ ability to sound like Sam Cooke with a remake of the singer’s 1962 hit, ‘Having A Party’ (number 7 R&B, number 56 pop). The group was sadly never able to reach the charts again and soon disbanded.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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