The Afters Biography

Formed in the late 90s by Matt Fuqua (vocals/guitar), Josh Havens (vocals/guitar), Marc Dodd (drums), and Brad Wigg (bass/vocals), this Dallas, Texas, USA-based Christian rock band began recording in the early 00s under their original name of Blisse. An independently released EP and album served notice of the quartet’s melodic alt pop, but they were forced to change the band’s name to the Afters because of the existence of another Blisse. Their popularity began to spread beyond the Dallas scene and ultimately led to a contract with the INO Records offshoot, Simple Records. Their major label 2005 debut I Wish We All Could Win was polished enough to gain the band crossover success on the secular marketplace, with the single ‘Beautiful Love’ receiving widespread radio airplay. The band attracted the attention of Columbia Records which distributed the album and its follow-up, 2008’s Never Going Back To OK. The latter was another polished collection of alt pop, although in reality there was little to differentiate the Afters from a glut of similar sounding Christian and secular bands.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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