Rob Crosby Biography

Robert Crosby Hoar, 25 April 1954, Sumter, South Carolina, USA. He came to country music through listening to 60s bands such as the Beatles and Crosby, Stills And Nash. Rob Crosby was so popular in the clubs of South Carolina that it was difficult for him to try to further his career in Nashville. In 1984, a group of Atlanta businessmen gave him $700 a month in exchange for a cut of his future songwriting royalties. He found he was particularly adept at writing songs for more mature female listeners, and ‘She’s A Natural’ refers to the ‘grey in their hair’ and the ‘lines on their faces’. The latter song, ‘Love Will Bring Her Around’ and ‘Still Burnin’ For You’ were US country hits in 1991 and he also co-wrote Lee Greenwood’s ‘Holdin’ A Good Hand’ (number 2, 1990). Further US country chart placings came with ‘Working Woman’, ‘She Wrote The Book’ and ‘In The Blood’. Arista surprisingly dropped him from the label and his next album was on the indie label River North. Starting Now built on his first two releases with excellent songs such as the country rocker ‘Fallin’ In And Out Of Love’ and the heartbreaking ‘Learning As She Goes’.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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