Rebecca Kilgore Biography

24 September 1949, Waltham, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Raised in New England, Kilgore played guitar and sang as a child. In 1979 she moved to Portland, Oregon, where she sang with a wide range of groups in many different musical styles, including a big band, a western swing group, and her own sextet, Beck-a-Roo. This group mostly performed country music hits from the 60s. Her jazz credentials were greatly enhanced through engagements with Dave Frishberg with whom she worked as a duo. They released Not A Care In The World on Arbors Records in 1997. She has also recorded (I Saw Stars) with a mainstream band, Dan Barrett’s Celestial Six.

Kilgore, who also sometimes teaches, was attracting much more attention in the late 90s and in 2000 owing to some very good, spirited and well-received albums. Her eclecticism was revealed in some of these sessions, which included a tribute to Maxine Sullivan for Audiophile Records, an appearance on a western swing set with Tom Morrell’s Time-Warp Tophands on WR Records, another set with Barrett, Being A Bear, for Arbors Records, and, also for Arbors, a duo album with vocalist-banjoist-guitarist Eddie Erickson. Kilgore sings with lithe swing and has a breathily engaging tone. Her repertoire ranges through the great song standards which she interprets with charm and felicity.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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