Paul Haig Biography

1959, Edinburgh, Scotland. Haig was the former lead singer of the late 70s Edinburgh post-punk ‘art’ band Josef K. His work with the band led many to expect great things when he launched his solo career. Working with the group project Rhythm Of Life, his releases confirmed that Haig was still a man with promise, with the singles ‘Heaven Sent’, ‘Big Blue World’, and ‘The Only Truth’ displaying such.

Despite a strong second album (The Warp Of Pure Fun) in 1985, throughout the 80s the critical acclaim never gained Haig anything more than a cult following, although his talents were appreciated in France, Belgium and Japan. A weaker album for the Virgin Records offshoot Circa in 1989, Chain, was eventually followed by his best album, Coincidence Vs Fate, largely recorded in New York with dance producers Mantronix and Lil’ Louis. The atmospheric Cinematique series (subtitled Themes To Unknown Films), begun in 1991 and extending into the new millennium on Haig’s Rhythm Of Life label, displayed a maturity in style and adventurousness far removed from his new wave beginnings, and yet it appears it will be in the latter capacity he will be remembered. He made a notable return to his earlier style of songwriting on the 2008 release, Go Out Tonight.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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