Pastor Troy Biography

Micah Levar Troy, 18 November 1977, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Like most contemporary rappers, Pastor Troy considers himself a spiritual man, yet also cannot turn down an opportunity to glorify the seedy dealings of life on the streets, as both radically different worlds are reflected in his rhymes. Troy was raised in College Park, Atlanta, Georgia, by his tough drill sergeant/pastor father, who cannot have been too pleased when his son expressed an interest in hip-hop. Troy eventually formed a rap troupe, D.S.G.B. (short for Down South Georgia Boys), but before an album was issued fully credited to the group, Troy released several independent albums solely under his name - 1999’s We Ready: I Declare War, plus 2000’s Book I and Pastor Troy for President. D.S.G.B. finally issued a debut album in 2001, which became an underground hit. A battle in the press with another southern rapper, Master P, inadvertently helped raise Pastor Troy’s profile and led to a recording contract with Uptown/Universal Records. Face Off (2001) and Universal Soldier (2002) soon followed. The former included several tracks that were previously on his independent releases, while the latter featured input from renowned producers such as Timbaland and Jazze Pha.

Pastor Troy returned to independent status following the release of the desultory 2004 album By Any Means Necessary. He regained some of his old verve on subsequent releases including Face Off, Part II (2005) and “Tool Muziq” (2007).

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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