Nuclear Assault Biography

Formed in New York, USA, in 1985, this extreme and influential outfit initially comprised John Connelly (guitar/vocals), Dan Lilker (18 October 1964, USA; bass), Mike Bogush (guitar) and Scott Duboys (drums), although Anthony Bramante and Glenn Evans quickly replaced the latter pair. Lilker formed Nuclear Assault while still a member of Anthrax, making them one of the earliest thrash metal outfits. The sound of Nuclear Assault proved much more aggressive, however, merging the styles of hardcore and thrash with socially aware lyrics. Becoming popular through constant touring and a refusal to compromise in their recorded work, their audience grew steadily throughout the 80s. Lilker, however, left the band in 1992 to concentrate on a new project, Brutal Truth. Bramante was expelled around the same time, with the pair being replaced by Scott Metaxas and Dave DiPietro, respectively, both formerly of Prophet. The transitional Something Wicked failed to provide any conclusive proof of artistic rejuvenation, and Nuclear Assault disbanded shortly afterwards.

The classic line-up of Connelly, Lilker, Bramante and Evans re-formed Nuclear Assault in 2002. Following the release of a live set, Connelly, Lilker, Evans and new guitarists Erik Burke and Scott Harrington completed the studio album, Third World Genocide.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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