Marduk Biography

Swedish black metal does not come much blacker than Marduk, formed in 1990 by Abruptum guitarist Morgan Håkansson in the town of Norrkoping with the stated aim of producing ‘the most blasphemous music possible’. The initial line-up was Håkansson plus Devo Andersson (guitar), Rickard Kalm (bass), Joakim Grave (drums/vocals) and Andreas Axelsson (vocals), who recorded the unfeasibly offensive Fuck Me Jesus EP, which was shelved while a record contract with the No Fashion label was negotiated. Dark Endless was released to cult underground interest, but Marduk fell out with No Fashion. Recruiting new bass player B. War the band switched to Osmose where they remained for the rest of the decade. The more powerful label issued several studio albums, beginning with Those Of The Unlight, the last recording to feature Andersson. The band’s albums routinely cover vampirism, warfare and the old Norse trilogy of blood, fire and death. As for Fuck Me Jesus, it was eventually released in 1995 and was instantly banned in seven countries for its cover art, a depiction of a woman inserting a crucifix into her rectum. Personnel changes have included the recruitment of singer Legion (Erik Hagstedt) from 1996’s Heaven Shall Burn When We Are Gathered onwards, new drummer Fredrik Andersson (from 1994’s Opus Nocturne onwards) and the temporary addition of producer and Hypocrisy frontman Peter Tägtgren on guitar for a tour of Germany. A support slot with Mayhem in 2000 gave them some much needed exposure and they remain a vital force in black metal, which seemed to spend the 90s on the verge of losing its way. They have been much more prolific since 2000 although their music has barely changed.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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