Luis Enrique Biography

Luis Enrique Mejía López, 28 September 1962, Nicaragua. Enrique was taught to play the guitar by his grandfather. Relocating to the USA in his mid-teens, he settled in Los Angeles, California where he continued to develop his musical skills, albeit largely teaching himself. He joined a local salsa band as lead singer and, encouraged by band members Alex Cobos and Frank Miret, made a demo that brought a contract with Sony Records. This resulted in 1987’s Amor De Medianoche, which was very successful. Eager to make his mark, and not yet convinced that salsa was for him, Enrique concentrated on ballads. His instincts were good and with Sony he had a decade of success that brought many awards as well as gold and platinum records. Playing and singing a hard-edged form of salsa, Enrique has survived his late-90s pop diversions, which not all his fans favoured, to extend his fame overseas, especially in Spain. He has brought to salsa an attractive urban sound.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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