Los Lonely Boys Biography

This Tex-Mex group was formed in San Angelo, Texas, USA by brothers Henry Garza (14 May 1978; guitar/vocals), JoJo Garza (b. 4 June 1980; bass/vocals) and Ringo Garza Jnr. (b. 29 November 1981; drums/vocals). The trio, who were raised in Snyder, Texas, began their music careers backing their father, Ringo Garza Snr., in a group that gained some notoriety around Nashville. In the mid-90s the Garza brothers began to emerge as a band in their own right, building up a strong reputation based around a dynamic live show. After returning to Texas in the new millennium, the trio signed a recording contract with the independent label Or Music, run by industry veterans Larry Miller and Michael Caplan. They recorded their 2003 debut album at Willie Nelson’s studio in Austin, Texas, with Nelson himself showing up to add some guitar lines to the album track ‘La Contestacion’. The self-titled debut received fulsome praise when it was released later on in the year and was quickly snapped up by Epic Records. The major label re-released Los Lonely Boys in 2004 and the album began its steady climb up the mainstream charts, breaking into the Top 10 in June.

In December the trio was nominated for four Grammy Awards. A live set preceded the release of Sacred in summer 2006. The band’s growing popularity was confirmed when the album debuted at number 2 in the US mainstream chart.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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