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This Australian pop group, packaged and marketed in a manner reminiscent of England’s Take That, has enjoyed huge success since forming in the mid-90s. However, much of that success has come not from Antipodean markets, but from Japan, where the group have been feted by the teenage press. The group was formed by brothers Andrew and Mike Tierney when they met Toby Allen and Phil Burton while attending high school in Sydney. After taking part in classical singing lessons, the group began rehearsing together as a quartet, practising an a cappella version of ‘Earth Angel’ for performance at a school concert. The group then approached Sony Music Australia, singing in the office of label president, Denis Handlin. Peddling a hybrid of balladeering pop, hallmarked by the group’s beatific harmonies, with dance tunes, the group first reached the charts with ‘Got It Goin’ On’. The debut album, Telling Everybody, followed shortly thereafter, and was released in Japan, Germany and the UK by Epic Records. The group returned in 1999 with the Australian chart-topping, Counting Down.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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