Guster Biography

Reminiscent of They Might Be Giants both in their music style, a bizarre folk/pop hybrid, and their loyal grassroots support, this US trio, originally known as Gus, formed in 1992. The members, Adam Gardner (vocals/guitar), Brian Rosenworcel (percussion) and Ryan Miller (vocals/guitar), met while studying at Tufts University in Boston. The unusual line-up, incorporating two acoustic guitars and Rosenworcel’s bongos, attracted a dedicated live following in the Boston area. They collaborated with local independent producer Mike Denneen on April 1994’s Parachute, which was released by Aware Records. The surprising commercial success of this album and the follow-up, Goldfly, owed much to the dedication of their fans, who traded live tapes on the Internet and some of whom worked as unpaid reps for the band. Guster received a further boost when they were named Best Live Act at the Boston Music Awards in 1997. They then signed a major-label recording contract with Hybrid/ Sire Records, who re-released a re-mixed Goldfly in 1997. As a thank you to their reps the band also recorded a five-track CD, The Pasty Tapes, solely for their pleasure. Guster’s proper major-label debut, Lost And Gone Forever, was released in September 1999. Producer Steve Lillywhite smoothed out some of the band’s rough edges and fleshed out their sound with brass and woodwind, while managing to retain their left-field charm and melodic wit.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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