Friend & Lover Biography

With the 1968 flower-power movement at full bloom, how could an optimistic song like ‘Reach Out Of The Darkness’, by a group called Friend And Lover, possibly fail? Friend And Lover were a married couple, Jim Post (28 October 1939, Houston, Texas, USA) and Cathy (b. Cathy Conn, Chicago, Illinois, USA), who met in 1964 at a Canadian state fair. Jim had performed with a folk group called the Rum Runners while Cathy had sung and danced. Inspired by a New York love-in, Jim Post wrote the duo’s only hit, revolving around the uplifting advice, ‘Reach out of the darkness and you might find a friend’. Recorded in Nashville (with Ray Stevens and Joe South on the session) and released on Verve Forecast, the single made the US Top 10 in 1968. Although the pair recorded other singles and an album, the act and the marriage broke up. Post went on to record solo albums for such labels as Flying Fish and Fantasy Records.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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