Foghat Biography

Although British in origin, Foghat relocated to the USA, where this boogie-blues band built a large following during the 70s. The band originally comprised ‘Lonesome’ Dave Peverett (16 April 1943, Dulwich, London, England, d. 7 February 2000; vocals/guitar), Tony Stevens (b. 12 September 1949, Willsden, London, England; bass/vocals), Roger Earl (b. 16 May 1946, London, England; drums) and Rod Price (b. 22 November 1947, London, England, d. 22 March 2005, Wilton, New Hampshire, USA; guitar/vocals). Peverett, Stevens and Earl had been members of Savoy Brown, the UK blues band. They left and immediately settled in the USA with the new unit, where Foghat signed with Bearsville Records, owned by entrepreneurial manager Albert Grossman. Their 1972 self-titled debut album was produced by Dave Edmunds and reached the US charts, as did the single, a cover version of Willie Dixon’s blues standard ‘I Just Want To Make Love To You’. A live version of that song later charted in 1977. Foghat held on to its formula for another dozen albums, each on Bearsville and each a chart item in the USA. Of those, the 1977 live album was the most popular, reaching number 11 on the Billboard chart. The band underwent several personnel changes, primarily bass players, with Nick Jameson (on 1975’s Fool For The City) and Craig MacGregor (from 1976’s Night Shift to 1980’s Tight Shoes) featuring in the line-up during this period.

Founding guitarist Rod Price was replaced by Erik Cartwright (b. 10 July 1950, New York City, New York, USA) in 1980. Foghat remained active during the early 80s, regularly gigging in the USA, but in 1985 Peverett announced he was retiring to England. Earl, Cartwright and MacGregor (who had been in and out of the band over the previous five years) continued as the Kneetremblers before becoming known as Roger Earl’s Foghat. Further personnel changes ensued before Peverett complicated matters by launching his own version of Foghat in 1990. Finally, in 1993, the original line-up of the band was reunited to record a new studio album, Return Of The Boogie Men. A live album ensued and Foghat continued to tour into the late 90s to great acclaim before the band was dealt two major blows. Price announced his departure and was replaced by Bryan Bassett (b. 11 August 1954, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA) in 1999, and the following year Peverett succumbed to cancer. He was replaced by Charlie Huhn and this line-up continued to tour and recorded a new album, Family Joules. At the start of 2005, former bass player Craig MacGregor returned to the line-up in place of Stevens. Former guitarist Price suffered a fatal head trauma in March 2005.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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