Eden Kane Biography

Richard Sarstedt, 29 March 1940, Delhi, India. When his family returned to England from India during the mid-50s, Kane became involved in music, forming a skiffle group with his brothers. In 1960, he won a talent contest and came under the wing of managers Michael Barclay and Philip Waddilove. They changed his name to Eden Kane, inspired by the movie Citizen Kane and the biblical name Cain. Promoted by the chocolate firm, Cadbury’s, Kane’s first single was ‘Hot Chocolate Crazy’, which failed to chart. For the follow-up, Kane recorded the catchy, colloquial ‘Well I Ask You’, which took him to number 1 in the UK during the summer of 1961. Over the next year, three more Top 10 hits followed: ‘Get Lost’, ‘Forget Me Not’ and ‘I Don’t Know Why’. Kane’s career suffered a serious setback early in 1963 when Barclay and Waddilove’s company Audio Enterprises went into liquidation. The star’s management was passed on to Vic Billings, who persuaded Fontana’s influential A&R manager Jack Baverstock to sign him. In early 1964, Kane returned to the UK Top 10 with ‘Boys Cry’, which also proved a major hit in Australia. In the autumn of that year, Kane made the momentous decision to emigrate to Australia, later relocating to the USA. Although his chart days were over, his younger brothers Peter Sarstedt and Robin Sarstedt both enjoyed hits in their own right. The brothers combined their talents in 1973 for the album, Worlds Apart Together. Thereafter, Kane continued to play regularly on the revivalist circuit.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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