Curtis Lee Biography

28 October 1941, Yuma, Arizona, USA. Lee was the beneficiary of two great 1961 productions by Phil Spector, ‘Pretty Little Angel Eyes’ (US Top 10) and ‘Under The Moon Of Love’ (US Top 50). In the UK, ‘Pretty Little Angel Eyes’ was a minor hit record, going no higher than 47 in 1961. Lee began his recording career in 1959, and the following year was signed by Dunes Records. Handsome and photogenic, Lee had a vocal approach close to the teen idols of the period. Spector’s genius with the productions, besides his deft handling of the instrumental support, was to provide fills with strong doo-wop riffing from an R&B vocal group, the Halos, to produce two classic rock ‘n’ roll tunes. After Spector fell out with Dunes in 1961, Lee never had another hit although he made some highly regarded ‘blue-eyed soul’ records in the late 60s.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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