Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Biography

An R&B family group from Dania, Florida, USA, their highly infectious mid-tempo soft soul was heavily orchestrated, and was more typical of northern US cities than the south. This broke the mode of Miami-based music, which tended to be of the ‘deep soul’ variety. The original group, comprising Edward (who wrote most of the songs), Carter (1948, d. 7 November 1991) and Rose Cornelius, first recorded in 1971. They had immediate success with a million-seller, ‘Treat Her Like A Lady’, a US R&B Top 20 and pop number 3 hit. The next year they added a second sister, Billie Jo, and achieved their biggest hit, another million-seller, ‘Too Late To Turn Back Now’ (US R&B number 5 and pop number 2). Thereafter, each succeeding record did less well. Their last chart record was the minor-placed R&B hit ‘Since I Found My Baby’ in 1974. The group broke up in 1976 when Carter joined a black Hebrew sect in Miami and adopted the name Prince Gideon Israel. He wrote, recorded and mixed the sect’s music and videos for the next 15 years. He was working on a comeback song to return to the pop field when he died of a heart attack in November 1991.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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