Alive 'N Kickin' Biography

Brooklyn, New York, USA vocal group Alive And Kicking were formed in 1968 around singers Bruce Sudano, Woody Wilson, John Parisio, Vito Albano, Peppie Cordova and Sandy Todar. The group then made contact with singer Tommy James, who began to write material for the group and took them to his old label, Roulette Records, in 1970. Their debut release was James’ track ‘Tighter, Tighter’, which reached number 7 in the USA. However, ‘Just Let It Come’ and ‘Good Old Lovin’ Back Home’ performed much less spectacularly and they broke up immediately afterwards. They briefly re-formed in 1976 with a revised line-up (newcomers Richie Incorvaia and Steve Spagis with Wilson, Cordova and Albano). The group has continued to perform sporadically ever since, though without Bruce Sudano, who moved on to a new group, Brooklyn Dreams, and later married Donna Summer.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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