J. Dowland Dowland - The Collected Works / The Consort of Musicke, Rooley

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Format: CD  (12 Discs)
Item:  DCA 000839402

CD Details

  • Number of Discs: 12
  • Released: March 13, 2007
  • Label: Decca

Tracks on Disc 1:

  • 1.First Booke of Songes: I. Unquiet Thoughts
  • 2.First Booke of Songes: Ii. Who Ever Thinks Or Hopes of Love
  • 3.First Booke of Songes: Iii. My Thoughts Are Wing'd With Hopes
  • 4.First Booke of Songes: Iv. If My Complaints Could Passions Move
  • 5.First Booke of Songes: V. Can She Excuse My Wrongs
  • 6.First Booke of Songes: Vi. Now, O Now, I Needs Must Part
  • 7.First Booke of Songes: Vii. Dear, If You Change
  • 8.First Booke of Songes: Viii. Burst Fourth My Tears
  • 9.First Booke of Songes: Ix. Go Crystal Tears
  • 10.First Booke of Songes: X. Think'st Thou Then By Thy Feigning
  • 11.First Booke of Songes: Xi. Come Away, Come Sweet Love
  • 12.First Booke of Songes: Xii. Rest Awhile, You Cruel Cares
  • 13.First Booke of Songes: Xiii. Sleep, Wayward Thoughts
  • 14.First Booke of Songes: Xiv. All Ye, Whom Love Or Fortune Hath Betray'd
  • 15.First Booke of Songes: Xv. Wilt Thou Unkind Thus Reave Me
  • 16.First Booke of Songes: Xvi. Would My Conceit
  • 17.First Booke of Songes: Xvii. Come Again: Sweet Love Doth Now Invite
  • 18.First Booke of Songes: Xviii. His Golden Locks
  • 19.First Booke of Songes: Xix. Awake, Sweet Love
  • 20.First Booke of Songes: Xx. Come, Heavy Sleep
  • 21.First Booke of Songes: Xxi. Away With These Self - Loving Lads

Tracks on Disc 2:

  • 1.Second Booke of Songs: I. I Saw My Lady Weep
  • 2.Second Booke of Songs: Ii. Flow My Tears
  • 3.Second Booke of Songs: Iii. Sorrow, Stay
  • 4.Second Booke of Songs: Iv. Die Not Before Thy Day
  • 5.Second Booke of Songs: V. Mourn, Mourn, Day Is With Darkness Fled
  • 6.Second Booke of Songs: Vi. Time's Eldest Son
  • 7.Second Booke of Songs: Vii. Then Sit Thee Down
  • 8.Second Booke of Songs: Viii. When Others Sing Venite
  • 9.Second Booke of Songs: Ix. Praise Blindness Eyes
  • 10.Second Booke of Songs: X. O Sweet Woods
  • 11.Second Booke of Songs: Xi. If Floods of Tears
  • 12.Second Booke of Songs: Xii. Fine Knacks For Ladies
  • 13.Second Booke of Songs: Xiii. Now Cease My Wand'ring Eyes
  • 14.Second Booke of Songs: Xiv. Come Ye Heavy States of Night
  • 15.Second Booke of Songs: Xv. White As Lilies Was Her Face
  • 16.Second Booke of Songs: Xvi. Woeful Heart
  • 17.Second Booke of Songs: Xvii. A Shepherd In A Shade
  • 18.Second Booke of Songs: Xviii. Faction That Ever Dwells
  • 19.Second Booke of Songs: Xix. Shall I Sue
  • 20.Second Booke of Songs: Xx. Toss Not My Soul
  • 21.Second Booke of Songs: Xxi. Clear Or Cloudy
  • 22.Second Booke of Songs: Xxii. Humour Say What Mak'st Thou Here

Tracks on Disc 3:

  • 1.Third Booke of Songs 1603: I. Farewell, Too Fair
  • 2.Third Booke of Songs 1603: Ii. Time Stands Still
  • 3.Third Booke of Songs 1603: Iii. Behold A Wonder Here
  • 4.Third Booke of Songs 1603: Iv. Daphne Was Not So Chaste
  • 5.Third Booke of Songs 1603: V. Me, Me, and None But Me
  • 6.Third Booke of Songs 1603: Vi. When Phoebus First Did Daphne Love
  • 7.Third Booke of Songs 1603: Vii. Say, Love, If Ever Thou Didst Find
  • 8.Third Booke of Songs 1603: Viii. Flow Not So Fast, Ye Fountains
  • 9.Third Booke of Songs 1603: Ix. What If I Never Speed?
  • 10.Third Booke of Songs 1603: X. Love Stood Amazed
  • 11.Third Booke of Songs 1603: Xi. Lend Your Ears To My Sorrow
  • 12.Third Booke of Songs 1603: Xii. By A Fountain Where I Lay
  • 13.Third Booke of Songs 1603: Xiii. O What Hath Overwrought
  • 14.Third Booke of Songs 1603: Xiv. Farewell, Unkind
  • 15.Third Booke of Songs 1603: Xv. Weep You No More, Sad Fountains
  • 16.Third Booke of Songs 1603: Xvi. Fie On This Feigning!
  • 17.Third Booke of Songs 1603: Xvii. I Must Complain
  • 18.Third Booke of Songs 1603: Xviii. It Was A Time When Silly Bees
  • 19.Third Booke of Songs 1603: Xix. The Lowest Trees Have Tops
  • 20.Third Booke of Songs 1603: Xx. What Poor Astronomers Are They
  • 21.Third Booke of Songs 1603: Xxi. Come When I Call

Tracks on Disc 4:

  • 1.A Pilgrimes Solace: I. Disdain Me Still
  • 2.A Pilgrimes Solace: Ii. Sweet Stay Awhile
  • 3.A Pilgrimes Solace: Iii. To Ask For All Thy Love
  • 4.A Pilgrimes Solace: Iv. Love, Those Beams That Breed
  • 5.A Pilgrimes Solace: V. Shall I Strive Wih Words To Move?
  • 6.A Pilgrimes Solace: Vi. Were Every Thought An Eye
  • 7.A Pilgrimes Solace: Vii. Stay, Time, Awhile Thy Flying
  • 8.A Pilgrimes Solace: Viii. Tell Me, True Love
  • 9.A Pilgrimes Solace: Ix. Go Nightly Cares
  • 10.A Pilgrimes Solace: X. From Silent Night
  • 11.A Pilgrimes Solace: Xi. Lasso vita mia
  • 12.A Pilgrimes Solace: Xii. In This Trembling Shadow Cast
  • 13.A Pilgrimes Solace: Xiii. If That A Sinner's Sights
  • 14.A Pilgrimes Solace: Xiv. Thou Mighty God
  • 15.A Pilgrimes Solace: Xv. When David's Life
  • 16.A Pilgrimes Solace: Xvi. When The Poor Cripple

Tracks on Disc 5:

  • 1.A Pilgrimes Solace: Xvii. Where Sin Sore Wounding
  • 2.A Pilgrimes Solace: Xviii. My Heart and Tongue Were Twins
  • 3.A Pilgrimes Solace: Xix. Up Merry Mates
  • 4.A Pilgrimes Solace: Xx. Welcome Black Night
  • 5.A Pilgrimes Solace: Xxi. Cease, Cease These False Sports
  • 6.Keyboard Transcriptions of Dowland's Music By Other Musicians: Lachrimae Pavane
  • 7.Keyboard Transcriptions of Dowland's Music By Other Musicians: Can Shee
  • 8.Keyboard Transcriptions of Dowland's Music By Other Musicians: Paduana
  • 9.Keyboard Transcriptions of Dowland's Music By Other Musicians: The Frogge
  • 10.Keyboard Transcriptions of Dowland's Music By Other Musicians: Frog's Galliard
  • 11.Keyboard Transcriptions of Dowland's Music By Other Musicians: Pavana and Galiarda
  • 12.Keyboard Transcriptions of Dowland's Music By Other Musicians: Paduana Lachrymae
  • 13.Keyboard Transcriptions of Dowland's Music By Other Musicians: Can She Excuse
  • 14.Keyboard Transcriptions of Dowland's Music By Other Musicians: Pavion Solus cum sola
  • 15.Keyboard Transcriptions of Dowland's Music By Other Musicians: Dowland's Almayne
  • 16.Keyboard Transcriptions of Dowland's Music By Other Musicians: Piper's Paven and Galliard
  • 17.Keyboard Transcriptions of Dowland's Music By Other Musicians: Pavan Lachrymae

Tracks on Disc 6:

  • 1.Mr. Henry Noell Lamentations: I. The Lamentation of A Sinner
  • 2.Mr. Henry Noell Lamentations: Ii. Domine ne in furore
  • 3.Mr. Henry Noell Lamentations: Iii. Miserere mei Deus
  • 4.Mr. Henry Noell Lamentations: Iv. The Humble Suit of A Sinner
  • 5.Mr. Henry Noell Lamentations: V. The Humble Complaint of A Sinner
  • 6.Mr. Henry Noell Lamentations: Vi. De profundis
  • 7.Mr. Henry Noell Lamentations: Vii. Domine exaudi
  • 8.Lachrimae: Lachrimae Antiquae
  • 9.Lachrimae: Lachrimae Antiquae Novae
  • 10.Lachrimae: Lachrimae Gementes
  • 11.Lachrimae: Lachrimae Tristes
  • 12.Lachrimae: Lachrimae Coactae
  • 13.Lachrimae: Lachrimae Amantis
  • 14.Lachrimae: Lachrimae Verae
  • 15.Lachrimae: Mr. John Langton's Pavan
  • 16.Lachrimae: Mr. Nicholas Gryffith His Galiard
  • 17.Lachrimae: Sir John Souch His Galiard
  • 18.Lachrimae: Semper Dowland Semper Dolens
  • 19.Lachrimae: Mr. Giles Hobies Galiard
  • 20.Lachrimae: The King of Denmark's Galiard
  • 21.Lachrimae: Sir Henry Umpton's Funerall
  • 22.Lachrimae: Mr. Henry Noell His Galiard
  • 23.Lachrimae: The Earl of Essex Galiard
  • 24.Lachrimae: Mr. Bucton His Galiard
  • 25.Lachrimae: Mr. George Whitehead His Almand
  • 26.Lachrimae: Captain Digorie Piper His Galiard
  • 27.Lachrimae: Mr. Thomas Collier His Galiard
  • 28.Lachrimae: Mrs. Nichols Almand

Tracks on Disc 7:

  • 1.Sacred Songs: Sorrow, Come!
  • 2.Sacred Songs: I Shame At Mine Unworthiness
  • 3.Sacred Songs: An Heart That's Broken and Contrite
  • 4.Psalms: Psalm 100: All People That On Earth Do Dwell
  • 5.Psalms: Psalm 38: Put Me Not To Rebuke O Lord
  • 6.Psalms: Psalm 130: Lord To Thee I Make My Moan
  • 7.Psalms: Psalm 104: My Soul Praise The Lord
  • 8.Psalms: Psalm 100: All People That On Earth Do Dwell
  • 9.Psalms: Psalm 134: Behold and Have Regard
  • 10.A Prayer For The Queen's Most Excellent Majesty
  • 11.Instrumental Music: Solus cum sola pavan
  • 12.Instrumental Music: Lachrimae
  • 13.Instrumental Music: Galliard
  • 14.Instrumental Music: Pipers Pavan
  • 15.Instrumental Music: Lachrimae
  • 16.Instrumental Music: Lady Rich Galliard
  • 17.Instrumental Music: Earl of Essex Galliard
  • 18.Instrumental Music: If My Complaints
  • 19.Instrumental Music: Lachrimae Doolande
  • 20.Instrumental Music: Lord Willoughbie's Welcome Home
  • 21.Instrumental Music: My Lord Chamberlaine His Galliard
  • 22.Instrumental Music: Comagain
  • 23.Instrumental Music: Pavan Lachrymae
  • 24.Instrumental Music: Sorrow Stay

Tracks on Disc 8:

  • 1.Lute Music: Preludium
  • 2.Lute Music: Lachrimae
  • 3.Lute Music: Can She Excuse
  • 4.Lute Music: Dr. Case's Pavan
  • 5.Lute Music: Melancholy Galliard
  • 6.Lute Music: Sir John Smith, His Almain
  • 7.Lute Music: Fantasia
  • 8.Lute Music: A Dream
  • 9.Lute Music: Almain
  • 10.Lute Music: The Queen's Galliard
  • 11.Lute Music: Coranto
  • 12.Lute Music: Resolution
  • 13.Lute Music: Mrs. Vaux Galliard
  • 14.Lute Music: Almain
  • 15.Lute Music: Mr. Dowland's MIdnight
  • 16.Lute Music: Fantasia
  • 17.Lute Music: Loth To Depart
  • 18.Lute Music: The Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth, Her Galliard
  • 19.Lute Music: The Earl of Essex, His Galliard
  • 20.Lute Music: Pavan
  • 21.Lute Music: John Dowland's Galliard
  • 22.Lute Music: Aloe
  • 23.Lute Music: The Lady Clifton's Spirit
  • 24.Lute Music: What If A Day
  • 25.Lute Music: Mr. Giles Hobie's Galliard
  • 26.Lute Music: Come Away (Song arrangement)
  • 27.Lute Music: Galliard
  • 28.Lute Music: Fancy (Fantasia)

Tracks on Disc 9:

  • 1.Lute Music: Lachrimae (Basic Version)
  • 2.Lute Music: Galliard To Lachrimae
  • 3.Lute Music: [Jig]
  • 4.Lute Music: Galliard On 'Wasingham'
  • 5.Lute Music: Complaint (Ballad Setting)
  • 6.Lute Music: Mignarda (Galliard)
  • 7.Lute Music: Semper Dowland Semper Dolens (Pavan)
  • 8.Lute Music: The Frog Galliard
  • 9.Lute Music: A Fancy (Fantasia)
  • 10.Lute Music: Fancy (Fantasia)
  • 11.Lute Music: Piper's Pavan
  • 12.Lute Music: Captain Digorie Piper's Galliard
  • 13.Lute Music: Lady Laiton's Almain
  • 14.Lute Music: Dowland's Galliard
  • 15.Lute Music: Dowland's First Galliard
  • 16.Lute Music: Tarleton's Jig
  • 17.Lute Music: Walsingham (ballad Setting)
  • 18.Lute Music: Lord Willoughbie's Welcome Home (Ballad Setting)
  • 19.Lute Music: Sir Henry Guilforde, His Almain
  • 20.Lute Music: Pavan (Related To 'Lachrimae')
  • 21.Lute Music: Mr. Langton's Galliard
  • 22.Lute Music: Mrs. Clifton's Almain
  • 23.Lute Music: Galliard
  • 24.Lute Music: Lady Hunsdon's Puffe (Almain)
  • 25.Lute Music: Galliard
  • 26.Lute Music: Go From My Window (Ballad Setting)
  • 27.Lute Music: Fancy (Fantasia)

Tracks on Disc 10:

  • 1.Lute Music: Pavana Johan Douland
  • 2.Lute Music: Mrs. Brigide Fleetwood's Pavan (Solus sine sola)
  • 3.Lute Music: La mia Barbara
  • 4.Lute Music: Sir Henry Umpton's Funeral (Pavan)
  • 5.Lute Music: Lachrimae
  • 6.Lute Music: Farewell Fancy (Chromatic Fantasia)
  • 7.Lute Music: Farewell (On The 'In Nomine' Theme)
  • 8.Lute Music: The King of Denmark's Galliard
  • 9.Lute Music: Mrs. Vaux's Jig
  • 10.Lute Music: Mrs. Nichol's Almain
  • 11.Lute Music: Galliard
  • 12.Lute Music: Lord Strang's March
  • 13.Lute Music: Mrs. Winter's Jump
  • 14.Lute Music: Can She Excuse (Galliard)
  • 15.Lute Music: The Shoemaker's Wife, A Toy
  • 16.Lute Music: Mrs. Norrish's Delight
  • 17.Lute Music: Galliard
  • 18.Lute Music: Mrs. White's Thing (Almain)
  • 19.Lute Music: Mrs. White's Nothing
  • 20.Lute Music: The Frog Galliard
  • 21.Lute Music: Solus cum sola
  • 22.Lute Music: The Lord Viscount Lisle, His Galliard
  • 23.Lute Music: Orlando Sleepeth (Ballad Setting)
  • 24.Lute Music: Robin (Ballad Setting)
  • 25.Lute Music: Galliard (On A Galliard By Daniel Bacheler)
  • 26.Lute Music: Forlorn Hope Fancy (Chromatic Fantasia)

Tracks on Disc 11:

  • 1.Lute Music: The Lady Russell's Pavan
  • 2.Lute Music: Fancy (Fantasia)
  • 3.Lute Music: Sir John Langton's Pavan
  • 4.Lute Music: Earl of Derby, His Galliard
  • 5.Lute Music: A Coy Toy
  • 6.Lute Music: Fortune My Foe
  • 7.Lute Music: [Almain]
  • 8.Lute Music: Mr. Knight's Galliard
  • 9.Lute Music: Sir John Souch His Galliard
  • 10.Lute Music: Tarletone's Riserrectione
  • 11.Lute Music: The Lady Rich, Her Galliard
  • 12.Consort Music: Lachrimae Pavan
  • 13.Consort Music: Can She Excuse Galliard
  • 14.Consort Music: Captain Piper's Pavan and Galliard
  • 15.Consort Music: The Frog Galliard
  • 16.Consort Music: Round Battell Galliard
  • 17.Consort Music: Fortune My Foe
  • 18.Consort Music: Dowland's First Galliard
  • 19.Consort Music: Katherine Darcie's Galliard
  • 20.Consort Music: Tarleton's Jigge
  • 21.Consort Music: Almain a 2
  • 22.Consort Music: Mistress Nichols Almain a 2
  • 23.Fullsack and Hildebrandt: Auserlesener Paduanen und Galliarden: Susanna Fair (Galliard)
  • 24.Haussmann: Rest von polnischen und andern Tanzen: Mistress Nichols Alman a 5
  • 25.Opusculum: Mr. John Langton Pavan and Galliard
  • 26.Opusculum: La mia Barbara Pavan and Galliard
  • 27.Opusculum: Lachrimae Antiquae Novae Pavan and Galliard

Tracks on Disc 12:

  • 1.Consort Music: Mistress NIchols Almain
  • 2.Consort Music: Volta a 4 ('Ioh. Douland')
  • 3.Consort Music: Were Every Thought an Eye
  • 4.Consort Music: Lady If You So Spite Me
  • 5.Consort Music: Pavan a 4
  • 6.A Musicall Banquet: I. My Heavy Sprite (Anthony Holborne)
  • 7.A Musicall Banquet: Ii. Change Thy Mind Since She Doth Change (Richard Martin)
  • 8.A Musicall Banquet: Iii. O Eyes, Leave Off Your Weeping (Robert Hales)
  • 9.A Musicall Banquet: Iv. Go, My Flock, Go Get You Hence (Anon.)
  • 10.A Musicall Banquet: V. O Dear Life, When Shall It Be? (Anon.)
  • 11.A Musicall Banquet: Vi. To Plead My Faith (Daniel Bacheler)
  • 12.A Musicall Banquet: Vii. In A Grove Most Rich of Shade (Guillaume Tessier)
  • 13.A Musicall Banquet: Viii. Far From Triumphing Court
  • 14.A Musicall Banquet: Ix. Lady, If You So Spite Me
  • 15.A Musicall Banquet: X. In Darkness Let Me Dwell
  • 16.A Musicall Banquet: Xi. Si le parler et le silence (Pierre Guedron)
  • 17.A Musicall Banquet: Xii. Ce penser qui sans fin tirannise ma vie (Pierre Guedron)
  • 18.A Musicall Banquet: Xiii. Vous que le Bonheur rappelle (Pierre Guedron)
  • 19.A Musicall Banquet: Xiv. Passava Amor su arco desarmado (Anon. Spanish)
  • 20.A Musicall Banquet: Xv. Sta notte mi sognava (Anon. Italian)
  • 21.A Musicall Banquet: Xvi. Vuestros ojos tienen d'Amor (Anon. Spanish)
  • 22.A Musicall Banquet: Xvii. Se di farmi morire (Domenico Maria Megli)
  • 23.A Musicall Banquet: Xviii. Dovro dunque morire? (Giulio Caccini)
  • 24.A Musicall Banquet: Xix. Amarilli mia bella (Giulio Caccini)
  • 25.A Musicall Banquet: Xx. O bella piu (Anon, Italian)

Product Description:

In performance and on record, Elvis Costello and Sting have introduced rock fans to the 400-year-old songs of John Dowland. The bewitching compositions of the lute master have been treasured in classical circles for centuries, and here's the best way to fall under their spell: 12 CDs of performances by Anthony Rooley and the Consort of Musicke. Includes four Bookes of Songes ; several CDs of lute music, plus Mr. Henry Noell Lamentations; Lachrimae; A Musicall Banquet , and more!

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