Bob Wills Faded Love 1947-1973 (13-CD + DVD + Book)

Faded Love 1947-1973 (13-CD + DVD + Book)
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CD Details

  • Number of Discs: 14
  • Released: October 4, 2005
  • Originally Released: 2005
  • Label: Bear Family

Entertainment Reviews:

Dirty Linen - p.58
"The 50 or 60 songs that form the core WS repertoire are durable, adaptable vehicles that sound good no matter how often you hear them....FADED LOVE is a fantastic set..."

Tracks on Disc 1:

  • 1.Silver Lake Blues [Instrumental]
  • 2.Little Cowboy Lullaby
  • 3.Closed for Repairs
  • 4.Dog House Blues
  • 5.Bubbles in My Beer
  • 6.'Neath Hawaiian Palms
  • 7.Papa's Jumpin' [Instrumental]
  • 8.Don't Be Ashamed of Your Age
  • 9.Blackout Blues
  • 10.Spanish Fandango
  • 11.I Want to Be Near You
  • 12.Sally Goodin'
  • 13.She's Gone
  • 14.I Had a Little Mule
  • 15.Go Home with the Girls in the Mornin'
  • 16.Still the Water Run the Deepest
  • 17.Cotton Patch Blues
  • 18.Nothin' But the Best for My Baby
  • 19.Blues for Dixie
  • 20.Cross My Heart I Love You
  • 21.Keeper of My Heart
  • 22.I'll Have Somebody Else
  • 23.Thorn in My Heart
  • 24.Playboy Chimes [Instrumental]
  • 25.Hop, Skip and Jump Over Texas [Instrumental]
  • 26.Texas Drummer Boy [Instrumental]
  • 27.I Married the Rose of San Antone
  • 28.Ida Red Likes to Boogie
  • 29.Warm Red Wine
  • 30.I Ain't Got Nobody

Tracks on Disc 2:

  • 1.Boot Heel Drag [Instrumental]
  • 2.Nothing But Trouble
  • 3.Anything
  • 4.Bob Wills' Square Dance, No. 1 [Instrumental]
  • 5.Bob Wills' Square Dance, No. 2 [Instrumental]
  • 6.King Without a Queen
  • 7.Hold Your Tears
  • 8.Bob Wills' Square Dance, No. 3 [Instrumental]
  • 9.Bob Wills' Square Dance, No. 4 [Instrumental]
  • 10.When It's Christmas on the Range
  • 11.Santa's on His Way
  • 12.Mean Woman With Green Eyes
  • 13.My Little Rock Candy Baby
  • 14.Jolie Blond Likes the Boogie
  • 15.Pastime Blues
  • 16.Faded Love
  • 17.Awake But Dreaming
  • 18.I Betcha My Heart I Love You
  • 19.I Laugh When I Think How I Cried Over You
  • 20.I'll Be Lucky Someday
  • 21.I Didn't Realize
  • 22.Rock-A-Bye Baby Blues
  • 23.I'm Dotting Each "I" with a Teardrop
  • 24.End of the Line
  • 25.'Tater Pie
  • 26.Little Girl, Little Girl
  • 27.I'm Tired of Living This Lie
  • 28.Pliney Jane

Tracks on Disc 3:

  • 1.Twinkle Star [Instrumental]
  • 2.Brown Skin Gal [Instrumental]
  • 3.Sittin' on Top of the World
  • 4.Silver Bell [Instrumental]
  • 5.Last Goodbye
  • 6.Just to Be Loved
  • 7.Send Me a Red Rose
  • 8.Hubbin' It
  • 9.I Can't Stand This Loneliness
  • 10.Yodel Mountain
  • 11.Three Miles South of Cash
  • 12.Fiddlin' Man [Instrumental]
  • 13.Ida Red
  • 14.Deep Water
  • 15.Sittin' on Top of the World
  • 16.Blue Prelude
  • 17.You Always Keep Me in Hot Water
  • 18.'Cause I'm in Love
  • 19.Three Miles South of Cash in Arkansas
  • 20.I'm All Alone
  • 21.Three Little Kittens
  • 22.I Won't Be Back Tonight
  • 23.Charlie Changed His Mind
  • 24.I'm Only a Friend (Why Do You Call Me Your Sweetheart)
  • 25.Steamboat Stomp
  • 26.I Want to Be Wanted
  • 27.Snatchin' and Grabbin'
  • 28.Red Hot Needle (And a Burning Thread)
  • 29.Trouble, Trouble Blues
  • 30.Trouble, Trouble Blues

Tracks on Disc 4:

  • 1.Broken Heart for a Souvenir
  • 2.(Everyone Is Calling You A) Fallen Angel
  • 3.She's the Quarter Horse Type (Of a Gal)
  • 4.B. Bowman Hop [Instrumental]
  • 5.As I Sit Broken-Hearted
  • 6.Bottle Baby Boogie
  • 7.I Want to Go to Mexico
  • 8.I'm Human, Same as You
  • 9.I Hit the Jackpot (When I Won You)
  • 10.Maiden's Prayer
  • 11.(Me and My Baby) Doin' the Bunny Hop
  • 12.St. Louis Blues
  • 13.So Long, I'll See You Later
  • 14.Cadillac in Model "A"
  • 15.Waltzing in Old San Antone
  • 16.I've Got a New Road Under My Wheels
  • 17.Texas Blues
  • 18.I Live for You
  • 19.New Osage Stomp
  • 20.Carnations for the Memory
  • 21.Too Much Mambo
  • 22.Echo Yodel
  • 23.New Dreamy Eyed Waltz
  • 24.Black and Blue Rag
  • 25.Sincerely
  • 26.Cornball Rag

Tracks on Disc 5:

  • 1.Beaumont Rag [Instrumental]
  • 2.Don't Let the Deal Go Down [Instrumental]
  • 3.I'll Follow You Wherever You Go
  • 4.Four or Five Times
  • 5.San Antonio Rose
  • 6.Spanish Two-Step
  • 7.Lone Star Rag [Instrumental]
  • 8.Boston Fancy
  • 9.Hoopaw Rag [Instrumental]
  • 10.Don't Keep It a Secret
  • 11.Roll Your Own [Instrumental]
  • 12.My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
  • 13.I Wonder If You Feel the Way I Do
  • 14.Sugar Baby
  • 15.So Let's Rock
  • 16.Bunny with the Powder Puff Tail
  • 17.Texas Fiddler [Instrumental]
  • 18.Billy's Bounce [Instrumental]
  • 19.Midnight in Old Amarillo [Instrumental]
  • 20.Coquette [Instrumental]
  • 21.New Roadside Rag [Instrumental]
  • 22.Orange Blossom Special
  • 23.Little Star of Heaven
  • 24.It's the Bottle Talkin'
  • 25.Gotta Walk Alone
  • 26.Lily Dale
  • 27.New Faded Love
  • 28.Toodleumbo
  • 29.Bob's Breakdown [Instrumental]

Tracks on Disc 6:

  • 1.Betty's Waltz [Instrumental]
  • 2.Wills Breakdown [Instrumental]
  • 3.Golondrina [Instrumental]
  • 4.Texas Two Step [Instrumental]
  • 5.Wait'll You See
  • 6.Old Flame
  • 7.Oh Monah
  • 8.I'll Always Be in Love with You
  • 9.With Tears in My Eyes
  • 10.Take Me Back to Tulsa
  • 11.Kind of Love I Can't Forget
  • 12.Time Changes Everything
  • 13.Stay a Little Longer
  • 14.You Don't Love Me But I'll Always Care
  • 15.San Antonio Rose
  • 16.Spanish Two Step
  • 17.Dusty Skies
  • 18.Keeper of My Heart
  • 19.Maiden's Prayer
  • 20.Ida Red
  • 21.Goodnight Little Sweetheart
  • 22.Image of Me
  • 23.Goodbye Liza Jane
  • 24.What's the Matter with the Mill
  • 25.Heart to Heart Talk

Tracks on Disc 7:

  • 1.Convict and the Rose
  • 2.My Confession
  • 3.Silver Bell [Instrumental]
  • 4.Playboy Medley
  • 5.Right or Wrong
  • 6.It Makes No Difference Now
  • 7.Trouble in Mind
  • 8.Wabash Blues
  • 9.I Wonder If You Feel the Way I Do
  • 10.Li'l Liza Jane
  • 11.Hang Your Head in Shame
  • 12.Nancy Jane
  • 13.After All
  • 14.Cryin' Won't Make Me Stay
  • 15.Dry Your Darlin's Eyes
  • 16.It May Be Too Late
  • 17.Oklahoma Gals
  • 18.I'm Cryin' My Heart Out
  • 19.Tomorrow I'll Cry
  • 20.Siesta
  • 21.Snow Deer
  • 22.Mississippi River Blues
  • 23.Deep Water
  • 24.Blues for Dixie
  • 25.Bubbles in My Beer
  • 26.Tie Me to Your Apron Strings Again
  • 27.Good Ole Oklahoma
  • 28.Roly Poly
  • 29.Walkin' in the Shadow of the Blues
  • 30.Jobob Rag [Instrumental]
  • 31.Cindy
  • 32.She's Killin' Me

Tracks on Disc 8:

  • 1.Maiden's Prayer [Instrumental]
  • 2.Boot Heel Drag [Instrumental]
  • 3.Don't Let the Deal Go Down [Instrumental]
  • 4.Blues in A [Instrumental]
  • 5.Big Beaver
  • 6.Yearning (Just for You)
  • 7.My Mary
  • 8.Rosetta
  • 9.Sittin' on Top of the World
  • 10.My Confession
  • 11.Snap Your Fingers
  • 12.Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone
  • 13.St. Louis Blues
  • 14.South [Instrumental]
  • 15.Heart Strings
  • 16.Sooner or Later (You'll Fall)
  • 17.Buffalo Twist
  • 18.All Night Long
  • 19.You Can't Break a Heart
  • 20.If He's Movin' In
  • 21.Let's Get It Over and Done With

Tracks on Disc 9:

  • 1.Big Taters in the Sandy Land [Instrumental]
  • 2.Mayflower Waltz [Instrumental]
  • 3.Billy in the Low Ground [Instrumental]
  • 4.Beaumont Rag [Instrumental]
  • 5.Faded Love [Instrumental]
  • 6.Dian Waltz [Instrumental]
  • 7.Done Gone [Instrumental]
  • 8.Put Your Little Foot [Instrumental]
  • 9.Bob's First Fiddle Tune [Instrumental]
  • 10.Bob's Schottische [Instrumental]
  • 11.Gone Indian [Instrumental]
  • 12.My Disappointment in Heaven
  • 13.Faded Love
  • 14.Wills Junction
  • 15.You'll Never Walk Out of My Heart
  • 16.Betty's Waltz [Instrumental]
  • 17.(Old) San Antonio Rose [Instrumental]
  • 18.She Won't Let Me Forget Her
  • 19.I Just Can't Take It Anymore
  • 20.She's Killin' Me
  • 21.If No News Is Good News
  • 22.You're the Only Star in My Blue Heaven
  • 23.Big Ball in Cowtown
  • 24.Where Do I Go from Here
  • 25.Gone Indian
  • 26.Pinto Beans
  • 27.Guess I'll Move on Down the Line
  • 28.My Adobe Hacienda
  • 29.What's Fort Worth
  • 30.Deep in the Heart of Texas
  • 31.Kansas City

Tracks on Disc 10:

  • 1.Big Beaver [Instrumental]
  • 2.San Antonio Rose [Instrumental]
  • 3.Eight'r from Decatur [Instrumental]
  • 4.Comanche Hit and Run [Instrumental]
  • 5.I Needed You
  • 6.If You'll Come Back to Me
  • 7.Somewhere South of San Antone
  • 8.Faded Love
  • 9.Let's Be Sure We Know
  • 10.Memphis
  • 11.Sugarfoot Rag
  • 12.I Wish I Felt This Way at Home
  • 13.Looking Over My Shoulder
  • 14.Cimarron [Instrumental]
  • 15.Riders in the Sky [Instrumental]
  • 16.Here's That Man Again [Instrumental]
  • 17.Canadian Sunset [Instrumental]
  • 18.Born to Love You
  • 19.Lily Dale
  • 20.Fiddle Bird [Instrumental]
  • 21.Carolina in the Morning [Instrumental]
  • 22.Rain Drops in the River
  • 23.Way Down in Texas
  • 24.Don't Send Him Back to Me
  • 25.Betcha My Heart
  • 26.Big Taters in the Sandy Land

Tracks on Disc 11:

  • 1.Running Bear
  • 2.If I Just Had a Home to Go Home To
  • 3.Across the Alley from the Alamo
  • 4.Time Changes Everything
  • 5.Texas Double Eagle
  • 6.Southwestern Waltz [Instrumental]
  • 7.Cherokee Maiden
  • 8.There's Not a Hundred Miles Left in Me
  • 9.I'm Living in the Middle of Nowhere
  • 10.Silver Bells (That Ring in the Night) [Instrumental]
  • 11.Limehouse Blues [Instrumental]
  • 12.Memory, No. 1
  • 13.South of the Border (Down Mexico Way)
  • 14.Song of the Wanderer (Where Shall I Go?) [Instrumental]
  • 15.Slow Poke
  • 16.Panhandle Rag [Instrumental]
  • 17.No Letter Today
  • 18.Shame on You [Instrumental]
  • 19.Whose Heart Are You Breaking Now
  • 20.My Mary
  • 21.It's a Good World
  • 22.What Kind of Girl Are You
  • 23.Milk Cow Blues
  • 24.Talkin' Bout You
  • 25.Look What Trouble Left Behind
  • 26.Brown Skin Gal [Instrumental]

Tracks on Disc 12:

  • 1.Blue Bonnet Lane
  • 2.What Makes Bob Holler
  • 3.When You Leave Amarillo
  • 4.Comin' Down from Denver
  • 5.Goin' Away Party
  • 6.My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
  • 7.Silver Lake Blues [Instrumental]
  • 8.Golondrina [Instrumental]
  • 9.Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star [Instrumental]
  • 10.Big Ball's in Cowtown
  • 11.Bob Willis Special [Instrumental]
  • 12.Miss Molly
  • 13.Keeper of My Heart
  • 14.Bubbles in My Beer
  • 15.Twin Guitar Special [Instrumental]
  • 16.I Can't Go on This Way
  • 17.I Wonder If You Feel the Way I Do
  • 18.Yearning
  • 19.Crippled Turkey [Instrumental]
  • 20.She's Really Gone
  • 21.Playboy Theme - Bob Wills,
  • 22.Baby, That Would Sure No Good
  • 23.Stay All Night (Stay a Little Longer)
  • 24.Faded Love
  • 25.San Antonio Rose
  • 26.Milk Cow Blues
  • 27.That's What I Like 'Bout the South

Tracks on Disc 13:

  • 1.Intro
  • 2.Osage Stomp
  • 3.Talkin'
  • 4.Bubbles in My Beer
  • 5.Don't Let the Deal Go Down
  • 6.Deep Water
  • 7.South [Instrumental]
  • 8.Kind of Love I Can't Forget
  • 9.Talkin'
  • 10.Corrine, Corrina
  • 11.Talkin'
  • 12.Sittin' on Top of the World
  • 13.Talkin'
  • 14.Twin Guitar Special [Instrumental]
  • 15.Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star [Instrumental]
  • 16.Faded Love
  • 17.Talkin'
  • 18.Medley of Fiddle Tunes [Instrumental]
  • 19.My Mother's Eyes
  • 20.Steel Guitar Rag
  • 21.My Mary
  • 22.Dreamy Eyes Waltz
  • 23.Miss Molly
  • 24.Misery
  • 25.I Never Knew
  • 26.Sugar Moon

Tracks on Disc 14:

  • 1.Yodel Mountain [DVD]
  • 2.Three Miles South of Cash [DVD]
  • 3.Fiddlin' Man [DVD]
  • 4.Ida Red [DVD]
  • 5.Deep Water [DVD]
  • 6.Sittin' on Top of the World [DVD]
  • 7.Blue Prelude [DVD]

Product Description:

Personnel: Leon Rausch (vocals, electric guitar); Jim Belken, Johnnie Manson (vocals, fiddle); Billy Jack Wills (vocals, drums); Darrell Glenn, Darla Daret, Helen "Carolina Cotton" Hagstrom, Mordis Glynn Duncan, Thomas Elmer "Tommy" Duncan, H.O. "Jack" Loyd, Dean McKinney, Laura Lee McBride, Joe Andrews, Evelyn McKinney, Jan Crutchfield, Jerry Crutchfield, Lee Ross, Mel Tillis, Ramona Reed, Webb Pierce (vocals); Billy Sanford (guitar, banjo); Sleepy Johnson, Jerry Case, Jay Roberts , Earl Dean Porter (guitar); Harold Bradley (electric guitar, banjo, tenor banjo); Eldon Shamblin, Lew Walker, Sherman "Cotton" Whittington, Walter Lyons, Johnny Patterson, Ray Edenton, Billy Carter (electric guitar); Pete Rodis Drake, Floyd "Bob" White, Vernon Eugene "Gene" Crownover, Herbert L. "Herb" Remington, Harold "Hal" Clampitt, Bobby Koeffer, Maurice Anderson, Albert Talley, Vestal O. "Shorty" Messer, Billy Bowman, Vance Terry, Phil Sperbeck, Leon McAuliffe, Lloyd Green (steel guitar); Ocie Stockard (banjo, tenor banjo, fiddle); Johnny Gimble (banjo, mandolin, fiddle); Claude Fewell, Kelton D. "Kelso" Heston, Johnnie Lee Wills, Marvin Montgomery (banjo); Luther Jay "Luke" Wills (tenor banjo, electric bass); Myrl "Rusty" McDonald, Jimmie Leon Widener (tenor banjo); Lewis E. "Louie" Tierney (fiddle, saxophone); Harvey Gossman (fiddle, trumpet); Thomas Lee Jackson Jr., Herman "Cotton" Roberts , Gene Gasaway, Frank McWhorter, Lloyd Wheeler, Henry Newton "Tommy" Vaden, Bob White , Hoyle Nix, Joe Holley, George Clayborn, Keith Coleman, Jesse Ashlock, Merle Haggard, Bill Armstrong, Billy Armstrong, Vassar Clements, Grover Lavender, Buddy Spicher (fiddle); William "Billy" Wright (viola); Don Tweedy, Quitman Dennis (saxophone); Don Sheffield, Marvin Shaw, William Ellsworth "Alex" Brashear, Bob Phillips , George Tidwell (trumpet); Wayne Butler (trombone); Gene Garf, C.M. "Skeeter" Elkin, Art McNulty, Millard Kelso, Alton Meeks "Al" Stricklin, David Briggs , Charlie Lewis , Mancel Tierney, Benny Johnson, Hargus "Pig" Robbins (piano); Paul McGhee, Claude "Cowboy" Spencer, Casey Dickens, Waid Harris Peeler, Edward John "Johnnie Edwards" Courville, Johnny Megretto, Bob McBay, Jerry Howard, William E. Dacus, James L. "Jimmy" Benjamin, John Dalton , Jack Greenback, Tommy Perkins, Johnny Cuviello, Jody Nix, Buddy Harman (drums); Felix Rale (percussion); Cliff Crofford, Vikki Carr, Billy Mize, Buzz Cason (background vocals).
Audio Mixer: Jay Ranellucci.
Recording information: Balch Springs, TX (10/30/1947-12/04/1973); Bradley Film & Recording Studio, Nashville, TN (10/30/1947-12/04/1973); Bradley's Barn, Mount Juliet, TN (10/30/1947-12/04/1973); Columbia Recording Studio, Nashville, TN (10/30/1947-12/04/1973); Dallas, TX (10/30/1947-12/04/1973); Decca Studio, Hollywood, CA (10/30/1947-12/04/1973); Merle Haggard's Home, Bakersfield, CA (10/30/1947-12/04/1973); New York, NY (10/30/1947-12/04/1973); Radio Recorders, Hollywood, CA (10/30/1947-12/04/1973); RCA Victor Studio, Nashville, TN (10/30/1947-12/04/1973); Snader Transcriptions At General Service Studios, Holly (10/30/1947-12/04/1973); Sumet Sound Studios, Dallas, TX (10/30/1947-12/04/1973); Trianon Ballroom, Oklahoma City, OK (10/30/1947-12/04/1973); United Recording Corporation, Hollywood, CA (10/30/1947-12/04/1973); WFAA Studio, Dallas, TX (10/30/1947-12/04/1973).
Author: Rich Kienzle.
Illustrators: Judy Koefer; Bill Ward; Bobby Koeffer; Les Leverett; R.A. Andreas; E. Reinald Schumann; Glenn White; Michael Gross; Pip Pyle; Kevin Coffey.
Photographers: Judy Koefer; Bill Ward; Bobby Koeffer; Les Leverett; R.A. Andreas; E. Reinald Schumann; Glenn White; Michael Gross; Pip Pyle; Kevin Coffey.
Arrangers: Thomas Elmer "Tommy" Duncan; Hoyle Nix; Roy Acuff; Bob Wills.
Bear Family Records

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