Michael H. Price

Carnival of Souls and Other Futile Inquiries
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Forgotten Horrors: Comics & Stories
Forgotten Horrors: The Original Volume - Except
Forgotten Horrors: The Definitive Edition
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Forgotten Horrors 10: The Missing Years
Forgotten Horrors 2: Beyond The Horror Ban
Forgotten Horrors 3: Dr. Turner's House of Horrors
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Forgotten Horrors 4: Dreams That Money Can Buy
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Forgotten Horrors 5: The Atom Age
Forgotten Horrors 6: Up from the Depths
Forgotten Horrors 7: Famished Monsters of Filmland
Forgotten Horrors 8: The Resurrection of Edgar
Forgotten Horrors to the Nth Degree: Dispatches
Hounds of Zaroff: The Most Dangerous Game as a
Human Monsters: The Definitive Edition
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The Lydecker Brothers - The Legendary Lydecker
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Mantan Moreland - Mantan the Funnyman: The Life
Thick Lights, Loud Smoke and Dim, Dim Music: The
What You See May Shock You - Postmodern Pulp
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