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My Little Margie

Welcome to the My Little Margie guide at TV Tome. "My Little Margie" was the story of Margie Albright (played by Gale Storm), the vivacious, irrepresable, 21-year-old daughter of Vernon Albright (played by former silent screen star, Charles Farrell), a widowed executive at the investment-counseling firm of Honeywell & Todd. The Albrights resided in a Fifth Avenue apartment in New York. Margie was always trying to help her father get a client, avoid a designing woman, or just to act his age as she felt he should. Margie's elaborate plans almost always included a disguise of some sort, she masqueraded as everything from a male opera singer to Vern's mother to her own, non-exsistant sister to the Albright's equally non-exsistant maid. Usually helping her with her schemes were the spunky Mrs. Odett's, the Albright's aged neighbor, and Freddie Wilson, Margie's ardent boyfriend, whom Vern disliked intently. Other characters in the mix were Mr. Honeywell, Vern's exasparated boss; R

Network: CBS
Actors: Charles Farrell,
Clarence Kolb,
Don Hayden,
Gale Storm,
et al.
First Aired: June 1, 1952
Runtime: 30 minutes
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