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Spike Jones - Off the Record
Jordan R. Young
Off the Record (Book)
$24.95 on SALE
Bob Dylan - Inspirations
60% OFF
Bob Dylan
Inspirations (Book)
$5.98 on SALE
Dr. Firesign's Follies
David Ossman
Dr. Firesign's Follies (Book)
$17.95 on SALE
Elvis Presley - Fortunate Son: The Life of Elvis
54% OFF
Charles L. Ponce De Leon
Fortunate Son: The Life of Elvis Presley (Book)
$6.98 on SALE
Rock Posters - Swag 2: Rock Posters of the '90s
34% OFF
Spencer Drate / Judith Salavetz
Rock Posters - Swag 2: Rock Posters of the '90s (Book)
$19.95 on SALE
Efrem Zimbalist - A Life
34% OFF
Roy Malan
Efrem Zimbalist - A Life (Book)
$19.95 on SALE
Ramon Novarro
Allan R. Ellenberger
Ramon Novarro (Book)
$28.95 on SALE
AC/DC - Let There Be Rock - The Story of AC/DC
25% OFF
Real Deal - How To Get Signed To A Record Label
50% OFF
Marian Anderson: A Singer's Journey
55% OFF
Allan Keiler
A Singer's Journey (Book)
$9.98 on SALE
Metallica - Metallica
50% OFF
Ross Halfin
Metallica (Book)
$14.99 on SALE
Stephen Sondheim - Sondheim (Enlarged & Updated)
85% OFF
Martin Gottfried
Sondheim (Enlarged & Updated) (Book)
$6.98 on SALE
Anvil! - The Story of Anvil
61% OFF
Steve "Lips" Kudlow / Rob Reiner
Anvil! - The Story of Anvil (Book)
$5.98 on SALE
Peggy Lee - Career Chronicle
Robert Strom
Career Chronicle (Book)
$23.98 on SALE
Glenn Gould - Music and Mind
47% OFF
Geoffrey Payzant
Music and Mind (Book)
$6.98 on SALE
Led Zeppelin - Press Reports...
38% OFF
Jazz - The Golden Era
21% OFF
Richard Havers / Richard Evans
Jazz - The Golden Era (Book)
$19.98 on SALE
Architectural Acoustics
Christopher N. Brooks
Architectural Acoustics (Book)
$35.95 on SALE
The Beatles - The Beatles: A Diary
21% OFF
Barry Miles
A Diary (Book)
$19.95 on SALE