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Drum Wars Live!
Anthems For The Rejected
Stop the World
Stop the World (CD)
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Anthems of Rebellion
Black Earth (2-CD)
Burning Bridges
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Burning Bridges [Deluxe Edition] [Bonus Tracks]
Dead Eyes See No Future
Doomsday Machine
Khaos Legions
Khaos Legions [Deluxe Edition] (2-CD)
The Root of All Evil
Wages of Sin (2-CD)
War Eternal
War Eternal [Deluxe Edition]
Ghost of the Salt Water Machines
All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us
The Here and Now (CD + DVD)
Lost Forever, Lost Together
Ouroboros Collapsing
The Sham Mirrors
Sideshow Symphonies
Lucid Dawn
Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction
Orthodoxyn [Bonus Track]
Echoes In Eternity
Death Then Nothing
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The Road Will End
Delirious Nomad
March of the Saint
La Raza
Saints Will Conquer (Live)
Symbol of Salvation (3-CD)
The Game of Life [Bonus Disc] (2-CD)
Hits from the Bow
Penalty by Perception
Birth Place and Burial Site
An Ocean Between Us
Awakened [Deluxe Edition] (CD + DVD)
A Long March: The First Recordings
The Powerless Rise
Powerless Rise [Deluxe Edition] (CD + DVD + LP)
Rat King
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Ashes of Ares
Deathhammer [Bonus Tracks]
Depths of Eternity (2-CD)
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Embrace the Death (2-CD)
The Way of All Flesh
Work Sucks / Speed Krusher
At War with Reality
Gardens of Grief / in the Embrace of Evil