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Jazz Instrument: Trumpet

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Matka Joanna
Tomasz Stanko / Tomasz Stanko Quartet
Matka Joanna (CD)
$14.81 Super Savings
Valery Ponomarev
Profile (CD)
$14.80 Super Savings
Gunn Fu
Russell Gunn
Gunn Fu (CD)
Duets, Volume 1
Ruby Braff
Duets, Volume 1 (CD)
Spheres of Influence
Brian Lynch
Spheres of Influence (CD)
$14.80 Super Savings
Jacques Coursil: Minimal Brass
Jacques Coursil
Minimal Brass (CD)
$14.72 Super Savings
Bundle of Joy
Freddie Hubbard
Bundle of Joy (CD)
$13.10 Super Savings
Wingy Sings, Manone Plays: Great Hits
Wingy Manone
Wingy Sings, Manone Plays: Great Hits (CD)
$18.51 Super Savings
Rod McGaha
Preacherman (CD)
Blue Interlude
21% OFF
Wynton Marsalis
Blue Interlude (CD)
$11.11 Super Savings
When Sunny Gets Blue
Chet Baker
When Sunny Gets Blue (CD)
$17.43 Super Savings
Live on the Road
Mike Vax Big Band
Live on the Road (CD)
$13.38 Super Savings
The Complete Milan Sessions (Live)
Chet Baker
The Complete Milan Sessions (Live) (CD)
$13.58 Super Savings
Chicago Underground Orchestra / Rob Mazurek
Playground (CD)
Irvin Mayfield
Irvin Mayfield
Irvin Mayfield (CD)
Eight Brothers
Shorty Rogers
Eight Brothers (CD)
$14.80 Super Savings
Kiss of Fire (2-CD)
20% OFF
Louis Armstrong
Kiss of Fire (2-CD)
$5.54 Super Savings
Above & Beyond (Live)
Freddie Hubbard
Above & Beyond (Live) (CD)
Pandora's Box: 1946-1947
Billy Butterfield
Pandora's Box: 1946-1947 (CD)
It's Krunch Time
Roy Campbell
It's Krunch Time (CD)
Don Sickler
Reflections (CD)
Eddie Henderson
Reemergence (CD)
$14.80 Super Savings
Love Requiem
Russell Gunn
Love Requiem (CD)
A Star For You
Valery Ponomarev
A Star For You (CD)
Artistry in Jazz
Buddy Childers
Artistry in Jazz (CD)
Means of Identification
Valery Ponomarev
Means of Identification (CD)
Live at the Barrel
Dewey Jackson
Live at the Barrel (CD)
Keep Your Circle Small
Brian Lynch
Keep Your Circle Small (CD)
$14.80 Super Savings
Flying High
70% OFF
Vaughn Nark
Flying High (CD)
$4.81 Super Savings
Eddie Henderson
Phantoms (CD)
$17.43 Super Savings