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International: Celtic

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With All Due Resprct
The Young Dubliners
With All Due Resprct (CD)
$13.18 Super Savings
Singing Sands
Tony McManus
Singing Sands (CD)
Michael Londra
Celt (CD)
$13.38 Super Savings
Contentment Is Wealth
Matt Molloy / Se n Keane
Contentment Is Wealth (CD)
Buttons & Bows
Daly / Buttons & Bows
Buttons & Bows (CD)
Tell Tae Me
Tell Tae Me (CD)
Uncommon Bonds
Eugene O'Donnell / Mick Moloney
Uncommon Bonds (CD)
Strings Attached
Mick Moloney
Strings Attached (CD)
Broken Silence
Dean Magraw
Broken Silence (CD)
D?nal O'Connor / John McSherry
Tripswitch (CD)
Greatest Irish Tenors Past and Present
Frank Patterson / John McCormack
Greatest Irish Tenors Past and Present (CD)
$14.85 Super Savings
Stories of Love
John McDermott
Stories of Love (CD)
$13.58 Super Savings
The Palomino Waltz
Phil Cunningham
The Palomino Waltz (CD)
Second Story
Open House (Celtic)
Second Story (CD)
Slow Airs & Set Dances
Eugene O'Donnell
Slow Airs & Set Dances (CD)
Michael Black
Michael Black
Michael Black (CD)
Honk Toot Suite
Eamonn Coyne
Honk Toot Suite (CD)
A Heart Made of Glass
Daithi Sproule
A Heart Made of Glass (CD)
Seventh One
Dean Magraw
Seventh One (CD)
Yella Hoose
John McCusker
Yella Hoose (CD)
Air Dancing
Kathryn Tickell
Air Dancing (CD)
The Katurran Odyssey
Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning
The Katurran Odyssey (CD)